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Supra’s DORA ‘Pull’ Price Feeds Goes Live on Arbitrum Network

January 04, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra’s DORA Enhances Data Integrity and Accuracy of Arbitrum dApps.

Supra is thrilled to announce that the ‘Pull’ price feed of Supra DORA (Distributed Oracle Agreement) is now live on the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks, marking a significant milestone in the world of decentralized application development.

Supra’s DORA ‘Pull’ price feeds provide on-demand access to real-time data, empowering dApps to make informed decisions and enhance the reliability and functionality of applications on Arbitrum.

Supra Optimizes Interoperability Stack

Since smart contracts don’t natively perform these functions nor do they share security guarantees with other chains, Oracles are a prime mover in facilitating cross-chain interoperability, and extending the utility of Web3 implementations. This is where Supra Oracles come in to validate and communicate data efficiently, changing the game for the functionality of smart contracts.  

Supra’s decentralized oracle agreement (DORA) fetches and validates price feeds from the highest quality sources and is designed specifically to safeguard against Byzantine or collusive behaviors which plague the competition. DORA is a distributed, low-latency Oracle service which offers both pull and push subscription models based on the needs of a project’s developers.

Furthermore, DORA stacks natively within Supra’s novel Moonshot consensus mechanism and distributed VRF, offering Layer 1 security guarantees and delivers impressive results when it comes to latency, network reliability, and fallback mechanisms for the most volatile events. A bridgeless cross-chain consensus mechanism called HyperNova is also in the works and coming soon. 

Arbitrum Integrates DORA ‘Pull’ Price Feeds

Arbitrum is a Layer-2 scaling solution based on the Ethereum network’s base chain. It leverages an Optimistic rollup protocol that still makes use of Ethereum’s security guarantees. 

Transactions are batched before being posted to mainnet making them fast and cheaper for devs and end users compared to Ethereum Mainnet. Its growing popularity has led to an expanding pool of skilled developers and user base and more demand to meet the increased liquidity using Arbitrum dApps.

Oracle price feeds are now being delivered for use by smart contracts on the Arbitrum network. Arbitrum devs can rest assured that their smart contracts will operate at the highest level of security powered by Supra’s DORA. Price feed updates are pulled directly by requests on the Arbitrum network as they are needed, offering more flexibility and eliminating unnecessary costs for on-chain interactions.

Innovate and Build the Future with Supra

Supra is at the forefront of researching and implementing decentralized Web3 services which optimize for scalability, security, and fast finality when it comes to settling transactions on-chain. Our developer toolkit consists of a growing library of comprehensive guides and technical whitepapers, and serves as the foundation for builders to understand and implement these tools.

Join us on Supra’s groundbreaking journey, witness our ongoing growth and innovations, and become a valued member of the Supra community.

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