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Build a better Web3 with better data

Upgrade your smart contracts with accurate, secure, stable, and blazing fast data feeds from DORA — Supra's novel decentralized cross-chain oracle solution.

Data Feeds Powered by Supra

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SupraOracles is now SupraSupra

We're still the fastest oracle, but now so much more as well. With our smart contract platforms, bridges, and Web3 automation on the way, we are updating our identity with a broader vision and moving our website to This is a true reflection of our focus on building a better Web3 for everyone, far beyond just oracles.

Our oracle data feeds/dVRF live on 85+ networks

Supercharging Web3 for a better, decentralized future

Web3 needs faster, more secure, more decentralized blockchain infrastructure. That’s what we’re building. With 5+ years of R&D and a series of technical breakthroughs, we’re building native cross-chain solutions to help your smart contracts and blockchain apps work better.

We’re not bragging. We just build better.


The Tech Behind Supra

Learn how Supra’s breakthroughs in Containerization and Parallel Execution are creating the perfect Super dApp storm.

Week 6

May 29, 2024 | 9 PM HKT

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