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Supra DORA price feeds are now available on Mantle Network

February 09, 2024 - 2 min read

The precision of Supra’s DORA price feeds transforms the dApp experience on Mantle Network

We’re excited to announce the integration of Supra’s decentralized Oracle (DORA) price feeds to Mantle Network. With this integration, Mantle Network users now have access to a new level of data accuracy and reliability. 

These feeds are designed to offer real-time price information, ensuring that the most current market data is at the fingertips of the Mantle community. This will enhance dApps on Mantle Network, improving decision-making and boosting app reliability and functionality.

Supra Offers Advance Oracle Technology

Supra’s DORA (Distributed Oracle Agreement) excels in efficiently integrating off-chain data into blockchain systems, achieving this through the formation of coherent data clusters from different nodes. DORA’s design prioritizes data integrity, demanding that nodes verify data from multiple sources, enhancing the overall security and trustworthiness of the data used.

The system enhances the reliability and effectiveness of smart contracts in the Web3 environment by focusing on node consensus, agreement, and validity. Additionally, Supra’s HyperNova initiative showcases their commitment to push the boundaries of blockchain data integration. DORA differentiates itself by its ability to fetch and validate data from high-quality sources and protect against Byzantine behaviors. 

Offering a low-latency oracle service with flexible subscription models, DORA integrates with Supra’s Moonshot consensus and distributed VRF, providing robust security guarantees. This integration ensures remarkable performance in latency, network reliability, and effective response to volatile market conditions. Thus, DORA is a pivotal tool in blockchain interoperability and data synthesis.

Mantle Integrates DORA ‘Pull’ Price Feeds

Mantle Network is a modular technology stack designed to enhance Ethereum’s scalability while retaining EVM compatibility. This compatibility allows Ethereum contracts and tools to operate on Mantle Network with minimal modifications, offering developers a familiar and user-friendly environment. 

The network’s architecture merges an optimistic rollup protocol with a unique data availability solution Mantle DA, powered by EigenDA and co-developed with EigenLayer, inheriting Ethereum’s robust security while making data more accessible and affordable. This blend of features makes it an ideal platform for developing Web3 apps and deploying smart contracts efficiently.

As a Layer-2 solution, Mantle Network effectively reduces gas fees and enhances transaction throughput by compressing transactions into blocks on Ethereum. Additionally, Oracle price feeds, powered by Supra’s DORA, are now available on Mantle Network. These feeds are request-based, enhancing flexibility and reducing on-chain interaction costs, thus ensuring high security and efficiency for smart contracts.

Innovate and Build the Future with Supra

Supra is leading the way in developing decentralized Web3 services, focusing on scalability, security, and quick transaction settlement. We provide a developer toolkit, including comprehensive guides and technical whitepapers, to help builders effectively use these tools. 

Supra invites everyone to join their journey, witness their continuous growth and innovations, and become a part of the Supra community.

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