Supra partners with DELPHIBETS, the first prediction protocol on Radix DLT

February 09, 2024 - 2 min read

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Supra and DELPHIBETS, a decentralized prediction protocol built on Radix DLT. DELPHIBETS offers users a unique platform for predicting a wide range of future events. 

Its integration of peer-to-peer betting and advanced market mechanisms like AMM and pari-mutuel ensures an engaging, responsive betting experience. This partnership with Supra will leverage DELPHIBETS’ strengths in providing a transparent, scalable, and user-centric prediction market.

Our synergy lies in combining DELPHIBETS’ diverse and intuitive prediction services with Supra’s robust decentralization principles. Supra will enhance DELPHIBETS by integrating decentralized oracles, enabling new gambling experiences and strengthening the existing prediction market. 

These oracles, including price feeds and systematic number generators, will improve decentralized games and refine prediction mechanisms.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of Supra, commented:

We are thrilled to partner with DELPHIBETS. Their innovative approach to decentralized predictions amazes us. Our expertise in decentralized services will greatly enhance their platform’s reach and capabilities.

About Supra

Supra is a leader in decentralized Web3 services, focused on scalability, security, and fast transaction finality. Our developer toolkit is a rich resource for building in the blockchain space.

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DELPHIBETS is a decentralized prediction protocol on Radix DLT that offers a wide range of betting options. Known for its user-centric approach, the platform excels in transparency, variety, and cost-effectiveness.

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