Supra brings DORA price feeds to the Fantom Network

February 07, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra enhances dApp functionality on Fantom with DORA’s advanced data accuracy

The Supra team is excited to announce the integration of our decentralized Oracle (DORA) price feeds with the Fantom blockchain. Our DORA price feed model represents an innovative approach to blockchain transactions and data handling. It allows smart contracts to request and retrieve data as needed rather than constantly pushing data to the blockchain. 

This method streamlines the data flow and reduces network congestion and associated costs. Developers on Fantom can now leverage this integration to build more responsive, cost-effective, and scalable dApps.

Supra Enhances Blockchain Authenticity and Accuracy

Supra’s DORA (Distributed Oracle Agreement) is an advanced Oracle system for blockchain applications. It aggregates information from multiple sources to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of off-chain data, which is crucial for smart contracts. 

The system addresses the challenge of non-determinism in blockchain environments through a robust mechanism that validates data authenticity and integrates it into the blockchain. DORA’s architecture involves a coherent cluster approach, allowing data aggregation into a representative value despite potential Byzantine faults. This method enhances the reliability and effectiveness of blockchain applications. 

Additionally, DORA, integrated with Supra’s Moonshot consensus mechanism and distributed VRF, offers enhanced security and performance, including low latency and reliable network operations. It’s also preparing to launch HyperNova, a new bridgeless cross-chain consensus mechanism.

Fantom Integrates DORA ‘Pull’ Price Feeds

Fantom is a high-performance platform designed for digital assets, offering speed, scalability, and security. It’s built on the Lachesis consensus protocol, which provides ultra-fast transaction finality. Fantom supports EVM compatibility, allowing for seamless deployment of Ethereum dApps. 

The ecosystem hosts over 200 dApps, including DEXs, NFT platforms, and GameFi. The platform is developer-friendly, with open-source code and robust APIs, encouraging community involvement in its global network.

In addition, oracle price feeds from Supra’s DORA are now integrated into the Fantom network’s smart contracts, offering enhanced security. These feeds are efficiently pulled as needed, increasing flexibility and reducing costs for on-chain activities. This update significantly benefits Fantom developers by optimizing smart contract functionality with secure and cost-effective data feeds.

Innovate and Build the Future with Supra

Supra leads in developing scalable, secure Web3 services with quick on-chain transaction finality. Their toolkit, featuring extensive guides and whitepapers, helps developers grasp and apply these technologies. Supra invites everyone to join their evolving journey.

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