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Quarterly Wrap-Up: Q1 2022

April 05, 2022 - 3 min read

Catch up on the latest updates from SupraOracles

supraoracles q1 2022 update

Dear Supra family,

It’s been an incredible ride for us at and as we wrap up the first quarter of 2022, we wanted to provide you with our organization’s updates. We’ve been able to make significant progress on multiple fronts.

Mastercard Start Path Demo Day

We recently completed our Mastercard Start Path Program Demo Day presentation. Each participant only had 3 mins each. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and view our Start Path Demo Day presentation video:

We were part of Mastercard’s first blockchain/crypto cohort, which included projects such as Ava Labs and Mintable. Moreover, we had many conversations with their team on topics that involved verifiable credentials, enterprise Oracles for FX (foreign exchange), and getting credit scores on blockchains to explore under-collateralized lending. This was a big moment for us, as Mastercard will use this presentation to promote SupraOracles products and services to their partners.

Just a few months ago, we also completed the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program.

New Product Developments

We’ve been actively applying our research in an early Alpha Testnet across multiple cloud infrastructures and global regions. Though the Alpha Testnet is currently still centralized, we’re making wonderful strides forward integrating many data aggregators and exchanges. At launch our solution will be 100X more secure than incumbents, 10X more decentralized, as well as with faster refresh rates, as measured on the basis of time until full finality, which is when Oracle data is actually safely usable.

Supra’s Global Team Grows Larger

We’ve grown our global team to around 60 full-time members with several part-time collaborators as well. We’ve been able to attract developers and researchers to join us from organizations such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, ARM, Consensys, Sony, and we’re also speaking to several product managers and programmers from Facebook/Meta that are likely to be joining us at Supra.

Even More Partnerships Added

Our initial outbound reach started in mid-2021, and to date, we have already amassed over 550+ deals in our CRM. That pipeline has been constructed through our business development funnel with a handoff to marketing and later customer success/product. From the beginning, we’ve realized that the best in-house tech is only one part of the picture, marketing, branding, business development, and networking are all pivotal for mass adoption and momentum.

We’ve deliberately focused resources towards our marketing and business development teams as we prepare to scale. Year to date, we have 199 new deals in the pipeline, 128 signed MOUs, and 145 decision-makers brought in who we are in ongoing discussions with to further grow our network of partnerships.

Social Media & Marketing Metrics

Our community continues to grow organically at a healthy rate for our targeted channels: Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. We expect the growth to rapidly increase for the remainder of the year as we achieve upcoming milestones such as the announcement of our private investors, testnet, mainnet, and our public sale. 

See below for a breakdown of our YTD social metrics performance:

PlatformStart (Jan 2)Current (Mar 31)Total Gain YTDGrowth YTD

Going Forward

We’re diligently innovating, applying our inventions quickly, measuring the results, and iterating. We’ve completed near 1-click automation of infrastructure setup, data logging for analytics, and are preparing the final optimizations of our Alpha. We’re now in the planning phase to move from Alpha Testnet to Testnet, which we expect will be a 3-5 month process.

Thereafter, we expect to deploy our incentivized Testnet and begin inviting real node operators to join our ecosystem. We already have 3000+ potential node operators signed up to our node operator list. As you can see, it’s quite a robust form!

We want to thank you all for believing in us. We can promise one thing for sure… and that is we’ll work hard to bring the most competitive, ingenious, multifaceted network to market that will generate immeasurable value for the world.

With much appreciation,

CEO Joshua Tobkin & the SupraOracles team



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