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SupraPartners #139 – SupraOracles Partners with Monaco Planet to build up the next-generation SocialFi platform

April 07, 2022 - 2 min read

SupraOracles is excited to announce its partnership with Monaco Planet, a crypto and NFT native social platform. Monaco Planet is dedicated to being the market leader in the next-generation SocialFi circuit and to playing a vital role in the internet’s transition from web2 to web3. Furthermore, Monaco Planet aims to become a new portal to the crypto community’s elevated social activities, hence the Metaverse’s gateway.

Monaco Planet’s MONA tokens return ownership and governance control to users. With the introduction of the idea of “write-to-earn,” active content providers and debate participants on Monaco Planet continue to enjoy the perks of the MONA token. The great majority of native tokens will be allocated to content creators, resulting in a kind of mining that is both sustainable and productive. Monaco Planet will gradually decentralize content, data, and storage, eventually migrating to web3 technology.

SupraOracles will assist Monaco Planet in resolving interoperability concerns between different chains, which they will need to resolve to broaden their appeal globally. SupraOracles will also help Monaco Planet with NFT cross-chain transmission. In addition, SupraOracles will be marketed as a platform KOL due to this agreement and will participate in marketing initiatives such as hosting AMAs, platform airdrops, and so on.

Joan Teng, CMO, and Co-founder of Monaco Planet, commented:
We’re ecstatic to announce the start of our partnership with SupraOracles. As is usual, the cooperation is established with our objectives in mind, the most significant of which is the creation of a crypto and NFT native social network.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:
Monaco Planet aspires to provide a new gateway to the crypto community’s expanding social media sphere. We look forward to assisting them in achieving their objectives by supplying them with our robust Oracle toolsets.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles bridges the gap between traditional financial markets and the web3 world. Our objective is to provide a comprehensive cross-chain oracle to the developer community. SupraOracles mixes real-world data with public and private blockchains to create interoperable smart contracts that protect financial markets in the future. It also provides developers with a collection of tools for creating, deploying, and maintaining quicker, more agile, and more resilient data applications.

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About Monaco Planet

Monaco Planet, the next-generation SocialFi platform, has launched the KOL 100 program, which features Monaco Planet’s own content producers and influencers. They are prepared to give their time and resources to the development of the Monaco socialfi platform’s backbone. They are decentralization experts, culture pioneers, opinion leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and genuine believers.

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