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SupraPartners # 140 – SupraOracles partners with Another-1, to create a new digital way of purchasing hype fashion streetwear

April 08, 2022 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is pleased to announce its collaboration with Another-1, a platform for ownership of digital assets and the sneaker industry. Another-1 is the first physical and digital hype product trading platform based on the Cosmos SDK, with tokenomics designed to reward holders and stakers. Another-1 assists sneakerheads and hypebeasts in obtaining limited-edition merchandise. In addition, it will enhance the transaction time and authentication connected with these things by using blockchain technology – instead of trading tangible commodities, users are merely swapping the NFT of the physical goods.

Members of Another-1 can communicate with fashion suppliers or peers on Another-1’s Digital Asset Marketplace, which facilitates agreements involving the real-life analogs of NFTs. The Digital Asset Marketplace employs an escrow method to keep money safe until a deal is confirmed and finalized, allowing natural volume growth. Another-1 can lower the overall carbon footprint connected with the trading of traditional physical items by building efficient marketplaces using the blockchain.

Another-1 intends to be blockchain agnostic by employing cross-chain bridges to create a collaborative environment that appeals to a more diversified NFT market. SupraOracles will assist Another-1 in building cross-chain bridges for NFTs and tokens as part of this agreement. Furthermore, with the expertise of SupraOracles in providing accurate data feed, we will help Another-1 bring off-chain data related to the fashion industry and create NFT consumer insights.

Francesco Sorrentino, Creative director of Another-1, commented:
We’re looking for a partner that can help us with getting off-chain data onto the blockchain. SupraOracles will help us achieve our goals with its scalable and trustworthy Oracle toolsets. We are really excited to be working with SupraOracles.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:
Web3’s increasing use in decentralized systems necessitates the speedy transmission of credible data sources across the network. We’re thrilled to be working with Another-1 on integrating off-chain and on-chain data for real-world applications. We anticipate them being a prominent NFTs and metaverse platform for sneakerheads and the fashion community.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles is dedicated to linking the web3 environment and traditional capital markets. Our aim and ambition are to provide a new oracle toolset to the modern developer community so that they can efficiently construct, manage, and deploy data applications with top-notch performance, agility, and robustness.

Our novel initiative is aided by skilled people with extensive knowledge of randomness research, consensus methods, investment banking, real-time data-driven services, traditional stock exchanges, digital securities, DeFi, DLT, and blockchain, and big 4 consultancy.

With the aid of our highly supportive developer community and a growing number of relevant partners, we are devoted to solving the general Oracle challenge as well as the future of the finance sector.

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About Another-1

Another-1 (AN1) is a platform built on COSMOS for the trading, creation, and showcase of hype fashion goods including exclusive collectibles and early-bird access drops. By utilizing NFTs and knowledge in the sneaker x crypto industry they’ve created a one-stop-shop to crowdfund, design, produce, and trade digital units of hype fashion backed by physical goods.

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