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SupraOracles Unveils Novel Oracle Solution at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Demo Day

December 22, 2021 - 3 min read

The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Demo Day showcases global Web3 talent across a number of sectors in efforts to tackle the industry’s toughest challenges.

supraoracles berkeley blockchain xcelerator demo day

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is a research hub and blockchain startup accelerator just an hour outside of Silicon Valley. Launched in 2019, the joint venture enterprise at UC Berkeley draws scholars, institutional investors, visionary entrepreneurs, and tech industry experts from around the world to spearhead the burgeoning digital infrastructure of Web3. 

The 8-month program offers an entrepreneurship curriculum taught by Silicon Valley veterans and notable professors of the university, as well as incubator programs to help the startups scale their innovations. Familiar names like Polkadot co-founder Dr. Gavin Wood previously delivered guest lectures at UC Berkeley’s programs, hinting at the high-quality research taking place within its halls.

The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, as a startup incubator program, provides mentorship for innovators to gain traction, inviting participants to participate in Web3 tech, industry, and entrepreneurship sessions, talent recruiting platforms, and mentorship. The selection process is highly competitive, with only a small percentage of applicants admitted to the program. 

Participating startups spend time with experts on core Web3 technologies, aiming to bring novel solutions to the space with multi-sector use cases. SupraOracles is a proud graduate of the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program, and recently presented a summary of their tech for a live audience at Berkeley. After great anticipation, co-founders Josh Tobkin and Jon Jones revealed why SupraOracles is to overtake the competition, which can be viewed below. Unsurprisingly, SupraOracles has already secured nearly 350 partnerships in anticipation of its mainnet launch.

Co-founders Jon Jones and Joshua Tobkin showcase SupraOracles at the 2021 Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Demo Day.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles is a next-generation oracle solution securely bridging external data onto blockchains. Currently, blockchains must rely on oracles which are not adequately decentralized, meaning status quo oracles are more centralized and less secure than the blockchains themselves. This quandary is commonly called the Oracle Problem. 

SupraOracles aims to solve the oracle problem through cutting-edge cryptography and a novel, randomized, nested node infrastructure consisting of tribes and clans to secure the decentralized solution that Web3 requires without sacrificing on throughput or network liveness.  

SupraOracles provides crypto-asset price feeds to Web3 protocols, including off-chain equities, forex and commodities, as well as physical or cultural events relevant to on-chain smart contracts. We work with vetted crypto exchanges and data aggregators from around the world and across multiple sectors. 

Parallel processing and a multi-helix ledger serves to enhance network throughput and uptime, and our verifiable random functions ensure that tribes and clans are periodically re-shuffled to prevent node collusion or other malicious behavior. Stress-test models suggest this network topology is an order of magnitude faster to finality, allows for extremely high throughput, and is highly secure from Byzantine behavior compared to existing oracle solutions.

If you missed it, see SupraOracles co-founders Joshua Tobkin and Jon Jones present a high-level summary of Supra’s tech at the event. Otherwise, visit our website, Telegram, or find us on Twitter



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