SupraOracles partners with JustBet, a decentralized online casino

March 08, 2023 - 2 min read

SupraOracles is excited to partner with JustBet, a decentralized casino that offers a fast and secure gaming environment. WINR Labs created JustBet using WINR Protocol, allowing users to wager quickly through their wallets without intermediaries, KYC, and tampering. 

Like DeFi AMMs, the platform has a smart index pool as its bankroll where users can contribute liquidity in exchange for a yield produced by gamblers’ losses.

To establish a positive environment in the JustBet ecosystem, every game must use a random number to be proven to be fair. JustBet is supported by SupraOracles oracle services to offer unbiased, cryptographically verified, and tamper-proof random results. With Supra VRF, JustBet can obtain a random number they can utilize in virtually every casino game.

The WINR Protocol provides the necessary framework for the games with a multi-asset pool that enables liquidity providers to profit from wagers and platform fees while rewarding participants. SupraOracles answers the request, generates an off-chain seed utilizing distributed VRF technology, and starts the payout transaction for the wager on the WINR Protocol contract.

As a result of this partnership, SupraOracles’ oracle services will be integrated into JustBet. SupraOracles and JustBet will also work together on a co-marketing campaign.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:

Without revealing any security security loopholes, JustBet can quickly settle a wager and give users a friendly UI experience resembling a centralized casino integrating with SupraOracles. As we are dedicated to enhancing the landscape of the blockchain sector, we are excited to collaborate with JustBet.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles aims to connect traditional capital markets with the Web3 environment. Our aim is to provide a revolutionary oracle toolset to the developer community, allowing them to easily construct, deploy, and manage data applications with superior performance, robustness, and agility.

SupraOracles wants to solve the oracle conundrum and eventually power the future of finance with the help of our developer community and an increasing number of partners.

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About JustBet

JustBet is a decentralized online casino created on the Arbitrum blockchain using the WINR Protocol. By utilizing the immutability and transparency of blockchain technology, JustBet, which was created by a group of seasoned online gamblers, seeks to offer its users a fair and transparent gaming experience.

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