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Blast Off is Back and Bigger Than Before

February 07, 2023 - 7 min read

Here’s the latest alpha regarding our Countdown to Blast Off and the adjustments, upgrades, and added features you can expect to enjoy.

Supra Countdown to BlastOff- Update Notes

What started with a limited beta release to about 100 community members on a Discord call blew up to over 100k verified Cadets in a matter of days. Earlier, our goal was to onboard 5k Cadets in the beta test for a week and then about 50k Cadets over 6 months. So when 100k Cadets joined in, we decided to match your enthusiasm and put things on hold momentarily to raise the stakes.

The energy displayed by each and every one of you has been inspiring for the entire crew here. We quickly realized that we needed to think much bigger, and you’ll be excited to know that we’re coming back with just that. But first, we need to talk about our beta testing Cadets — the ones who have paved the way for what’s to come.


Beta Cadets Will Be Rewarded

Thank You Beta Testers

First of all, a huge thank you to every single person who joined us from the get-go. We owe you all a lot of gratitude for sticking with us. That’s why, even though the rewards mechanisms will be changing, we want to honor your rewards from the beta test as feasibly and fairly as possible for all of you.

There are two forms of token rewards that this includes —  the rank token rewards and the Community Goals token rewards. Let’s look at each one of these, and the rewards you’ve earned in the beta test will be affected.

Beta Tester’s Rank Rewards

The ranks will be getting much more competitive and harder to earn now, and these new parameters will be applied retrospectively. Basically, your rank will be reevaluated based on the new Star count requirements. Also, while direct token rewards for reaching ranks are going away with the official launch, we want to honor these for our beta testing Cadets.

However, to work with more fairness and feasibility, we will be able to do this with the new ranking regime in effect. That means, if you earned 40k Stars in the beta test, you’ll be eligible for the Commander’s 50K $SUPRA token reward.

Here’s a table to make it easy to understand your rewards based on how many Stars you earned:

StarsYour New RankBeta Tester Token Rewards
0Cadet500 $SUPRA (Orientation)
160Astronaut1,500 $SUPRA
400Navigator6,000 $SUPRA
4,000Explorer12,000 $SUPRA
12,000Captain24,000 $SUPRA
40,000Commander50,000 $SUPRA
Please note that beta testers will be eligible for this reward based on the Stars that have already been earned. This is a one-time reward and a snapshot has already been taken.

Beta Tester’s Community Goal Bonus

Earlier, our Community Goals capped out at 50k Cadets, and you absolutely smashed it. Going forward, our Community Goals are going to be set drastically higher. However, we still want to honor our beta tester’s Community Goals rewards, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing – because you deserve it.

While the new Cadets from here on will get a share in the new Community Goals based on how many people the rewards need to be distributed amongst, the Community Goal reward for you will be 50M $SUPRA, shared equally by all 125k beta test Cadets. That means each one of you is guaranteed to get 400 $SUPRA tokens, and deservingly so for being the driving force of our shift from the beta test to the official launch of Countdown to Blast Off.


Major Changes, Major Scale

Scaling Up to Target 1 Million Cadets with 700M Tokens

One of the first things that we realized was that you are simply amazing at growing the community. You just blew us away. So things needed to get bigger. And our goals, much higher. That’s why we’re taking our total airdrop pool up to 700M $SUPRA tokens and Community Goals target to 1 Million Cadets now! That being said, you also proved that the earlier system was a bit too easy. We had to rebuild it for a fairer, more competitive experience. That’s why the Stars, ranks, and prize draw systems are changing now.

Stars No Longer Act As Entries

Previously, each Star gave you a bonus entry for prize draws and helped you climb up the ranks. While they still help you climb ranks, Stars no longer give you bonus entries to the prize drawings. Now, you get more entries for all prize draws every time you move up a rank. This levels out the odds of winning and creates fairer prize drawings — like weekly mission crates and grand giveaways.

Ranks Are Getting More Competitive

Ranks are now much more competitive. You showed us that it might have been a bit too easy to climb ranks before, so the Star requirement to rank up is increasing for higher ranks. You’ll need at least 40,000 Stars to become a Commander now, so that position is more coveted and exclusive for the biggest contributors.

Ranks Increase Entries for Prizes Instead of Direct Rewards

Ranks also no longer offer direct token rewards to everyone, as that makes it impossible to plan the token pool with token reward opportunities for everyone who joins us. Imagine planning a party for 20 friends, but 5,000 show up; it’s simply not sustainable to leave it open-ended. However, we do want to reward our high-ranking community members with exclusive opportunities to win prizes and tokens. Therefore, every rank you earn now gives you more entries to win across all prize drawings, as mentioned above.

Sign-Up Bonus Reduced To Accommodate More People

Finally, you’ll also notice that the sign-up bonus has also changed. In order to be able to accommodate the full 1M Cadets, we’re bringing this down from 500 $SUPRA tokens to 200 $SUPRA tokens.


More Chances to Win $SUPRA

Mission Crates Increased to 8,400 Winners Each Week

With our changes to scale things up, we also wanted to boost the opportunities you’ll have to win rewards. That’s why we’re increasing the number of winning crates in our weekly missions from just 1,000 all the way to over 8,000 crate winners every single week.

New Expeditions Giveaway For Higher Ranks

Supra Expeditions are a new way to win $SUPRA tokens for our high-ranking community, who hold a rank of Navigator or above. These are 12 planned stops on our journey, each on a new planet with some amount of $SUPRA token packs and token vaults with a combined prize pool of 65M $SUPRA tokens.

Token packs are known to carry 1k $SUPRA tokens each, and vaults contain 20k $SUPRA each. As we go along our journey, the number of token packs and vaults increases with each planet. You can join expeditions to win these $SUPRA tokens once you reach the Navigator rank. Right now, just 5% of the players qualify for expeditions since it excludes 95% of players who are still Cadets or Astronauts. If you can reach the Navigator rank quickly, you’ll have really favorable odds of winning here.

New Community Goal: 1M Cadets Unlocks 350M Tokens

Earlier, our goal was to reach 50k Cadets over 6 months and unlock a 50M $SUPRA token airdrop for all of them. However, seeing the enthusiasm from a much bigger community now, we’re taking this up multiple notches. The new Community Goals now begin at 200k Cadets to unlock 45M $SUPRA tokens, and the last goal goes all the way to 1 million Cadets to unlock a total of 350M $SUPRA tokens for everyone!

Upgrades Are In Place

Upgraded Faster Server to Handle More Players

With the massive influx of players during the beta test, we got over 100x of the traffic that our platform and servers were expecting. However, now we’ve got a much better idea of the sheer magnitude of our community and how adept you are at tapping into your networks. It’s safe to say that we’re getting well-equipped to handle all the traffic and activity that comes our way this time around, and with way better speed and performance.

Improved Security & KYC Checks

One concern that we have wanted to ensure from the get-go has been that every single person who joins us and becomes a Cadet is a real, genuine, well-meaning person. However, we did catch on to some malpractices and bad actors during our beta test. Stress-testing our preparedness against such activities was one of the objectives of the beta test, and we’ve been able to recognize and implement additional layers of security because of it to improve everyone’s Blast Off experience.

Enforcing Bans On Multiple Accounts

One malpractice we zeroed in on in particular was people trying to make multiple accounts to attempt to get a larger share of the rewards. Emphasis on the trying and attempt, because these bad actors have been systematically flagged, reviewed, and bans have been enforced against them.

Going forward, if anyone tries to make multiple accounts by any means, they’ll be flagged, manually reviewed, and eventually banned from further participation. We won’t tolerate harmful and greedy behavior which takes away from the experience of the community at large.

Prepare To Blast Off With Us

Through this initiative, we’re creating a safe, fun space for the Supra tribe to learn about blockchain technology and win $SUPRA token airdrops in the process. We owe a huge thank you to everyone who joined the beta phase and helped us get here, and we’re looking forward to the next million Cadets who will be the heart of our community and define the course of Supra in the months and years to come.

From refining our rewards to introducing new ones and tightening up security, we’re going all out to ensure that everyone who joins us has a great experience, and most of all — a ton of fun. Let’s roll up our space sleeves and get ready for the journey that lies ahead of us. That’s it for this announcement. Starship Supra, signing out.



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