SupraOracles kicks off in Mastercard’s Start Path cryptocurrency and blockchain program

September 24, 2021 - 2 min read


The kickoff call for Mastercard’s inaugural track of the Start Path program dedicated to supporting fast-growing digital assets, blockchain, and cryptocurrency companies was a momentous occasion for the SupraOracles founding team. It was exciting to be surrounded by other highly ambitious companies and founders who also aim to transform and bring traditional industries into the fast-growing digital economy age. 

To be the only blockchain oracle solution in Mastercard’s first cohort of innovators around digital asset technology is an honor, especially as we learned more about Mastercard’s vision for the digital future. It was truly impressive, yet humbling, to be so incredibly aligned with the strategies and goals of a globally recognized financial giant.  

We plan to share more with our #SupraFans regarding our experience as we move through Mastercard’s Start Path program, but for now, we invite you to learn about the other companies participating in the program:

  • Taurus – Enterprise-grade infrastructure to manage digital assets
  • Uphold – Digital money platform offering investment and payment services
  • Domain Money – Investment platform bridging TradFi to digital assets
  • GK8 – Self-managed end-to-end crypto cold vault platform
  • STACS – Blockchain infrastructure that enables effective sustainable financing
  • Mintable – Non-fungible (NFT) marketplace to buy and sell digital assets

Connect and link up with our leadership team:

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