Supra partners with MAP Protocol to enhance cross-chain interoperability

April 25, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra is thrilled to unveil a partnership with MAP Protocol, a Bitcoin Layer-2 solution, dedicated to facilitating peer-to-peer cross-chain interoperability. MAP Protocol aims to create a seamless bridge between the Bitcoin ecosystem and other blockchains. 

This is achieved through the innovative use of the BRC201 protocol and ZK-LightClient technology, which enables asset transfers between Bitcoin’s Layer-1 and Layer-2. MAP Protocol is EVM-compatible, enabling developers to build on the Bitcoin L2 network seamlessly without learning a new coding language.

This partnership brings together MAP Protocol’s comprehensive toolkit for developers, including development tools, tutorials, and SDKs, with Supra’s cutting-edge oracle and cross-chain solutions. Developers can now build dApps that cover all Bitcoin L2s with ease, promoting a unified ecosystem that is less fragmented and more accessible.

From this partnership, both partners anticipate mutual benefits. MAP Protocol will leverage Supra’s vast oracle network, expanding interoperability solutions for the Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of Supra, commented:

Our partnership with MAP Protocol indicates a pivotal advancement towards seamless blockchain interoperability. It promises a future where navigating and leveraging diverse blockchain networks becomes effortlessly accessible to both developers and users.

About Supra

Supra leads in merging traditional financial markets with Web3, delivering a potent cross-chain oracle to developers. Our mission ensures smart contracts seamlessly integrate real-world data, fostering secure, agile, and interconnected financial markets. This empowers developers to innovate, building resilient data applications that revolutionize the sector.

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About MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol is a Bitcoin Layer-2 solution, focusing on peer-to-peer cross-chain interoperability. With its innovative technology and comprehensive toolkit for developers, MAP Protocol envisions a future where all blockchain ecosystems are interconnected, enabling the free flow of assets, data, and computing power across chains.

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