Supra forms strategic partnership with BVM to boost Bitcoin L2 solutions

April 24, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra is proud to announce its partnership with Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM), a leading modular blockchain metaprotocol. BVM simplifies the deployment of Bitcoin dApps and L2 blockchains.

It enables users to effortlessly customize and launch their projects using an intuitive selection of top-tier modules. Users can also pre-install dApps such as DEXs, NFT marketplaces, or DAOs, with certain fees for transactions. In addition, BVM is compatible with EVM, making it easier for developers to migrate their Solidity smart contracts and dApps easily. 

BVM offers a modular infrastructure enabling the creation of diverse Bitcoin Layer-2 networks for gaming, DeFi, and AI applications. It continually enhances its capabilities with new modules like the AI Contracts Library. Its upcoming updates include a ZK roll-up module to simplify the launch of customized networks. 

BVM also supports builders with the Builder Program, aiming to expand the Bitcoin ecosystem and user base. The BVM and Supra partnership marks a key advancement in Bitcoin L2 infrastructure, introducing real-time price data and oracles for enhanced operational safety and reliability. 

This strategic alliance leverages Supra’s DORA within BVM’s modular framework, empowering Bitcoin L2 blockchains, notably in DeFi. This will improve smart contracts with precise, secure, and rapid data feeds.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of Supra, commented: 

Our partnership with BVM is evidence of our dedication to enhancing the Bitcoin ecosystem. Integrating our DORA-powered Oracle price feeds into BVM’s infrastructure will enhance security and efficiency for Bitcoin L2 solutions built using BVM.

About Supra

Supra leads in connecting traditional financial markets with Web3, offering a cross-chain oracle that ensures smart contract interoperability and real-world data integration into blockchain networks. With its extensive Oracle toolset, Supra empowers developers to build, deploy, and manage dynamic and robust data applications, fostering innovation within the financial industry.

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About BVM

BVM offers a transformative infrastructure for building and scaling Bitcoin L2 solutions effortlessly. As the first ecosystem of its kind, it features modular Bitcoin L2 blockchains for various use cases, including SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi. BVM simplifies the transition from Ethereum to Bitcoin for developers, making it easier to launch and customize Bitcoin L2 blockchains with minimal adjustments.

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