Supra Oracle price feeds hit Kava Network

May 23, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra price feeds bring advanced data integrity to Kava dApps

Supra has launched its Oracle price feeds on the Kava Mainnet. These price feeds offer real-time data on demand, significantly improving the decision-making, reliability, and functionality of dApps on Kava.

Supra Transforms Smart Contracts and Blockchain Interoperability

Smart contracts by design lack certain functions and uniform security measures across various blockchains, underscoring the critical role of Oracles in enhancing interoperability and the broader application of Web3. Supra’s Oracles stands out by providing efficient data validation and transmission, revolutionizing smart contract capabilities.

Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA), selects and authenticates high-quality price feeds, aiming to protect against the adversarial threats like Byzantine faults and collusion that often challenge its competitors. Offering both flexibility and speed through its distributed, low-latency service, DORA supports customizable subscription models to meet the specific requirements of developers.

DORA’s seamless compatibility with Supra’s Moonshot consensus and distributed Verifiable Random Function (dVRF) systems ensures first-layer security standards, significantly improving response times, network reliability, and contingency strategies for fluctuating conditions. Additionally, Supra is preparing to launch HyperNova, an innovative, non-bridged cross-chain consensus mechanism, promising further advancements in Oracle technology and blockchain interoperability.

Kava Integrates Supra Oracle Price Feeds

Kava is a decentralized blockchain that merges Cosmos’s speed and interoperability with Ethereum’s developer ecosystem. It maintains a remarkably low average transaction fee of $0.0001.

Kava utilizes a unique architecture for optimal functionality in both the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems, enhanced by its unique KavaDAO for decentralized governance. The network introduces Kava Rise, a program designed to propel Web3 growth by making it easier for developers to launch on Kava, supported by an ecosystem of over 125 dApps. 

In addition, Oracle price feeds from Supra are now available on the Kava network, enhancing smart contracts with high security and efficient data access. Developers can dynamically request price feed updates, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness for on-chain interactions.

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