Supra launches Oracle price feeds on OKX’s X Layer

May 21, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra delivers fast and accurate price feeds to X Layer dApps

Supra has successfully launched its Oracle price feeds on OKX’s X Layer. Supra’s price feeds will enhance the accuracy and efficiency of real-time price data. This integration is a major milestone for Supra, offering developers and users more precise and up-to-date market information.

Supra Revolutionizes Smart Contract Functionality

Smart contracts, foundational to blockchain infrastructure, lack native capabilities for operations across different networks. Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) enhances these capabilities by enabling cross-chain interoperability and expanding Web3 functionality. DORA validates and communicates data efficiently, transforming the utility of smart contracts for developers, traders, and blockchain enthusiasts.

DORA addresses vulnerabilities such as Byzantine faults by sourcing and validating data from reliable providers, ensuring high data integrity. This oracle operates on a distributed, low-latency framework and accommodates both pull and push data models, tailored to project developers’ needs. Its robust design makes DORA a dependable tool against collusive behaviors, enhancing data trustworthiness across smart contracts.

Moreover, DORA integrates with Supra’s Moonshot consensus mechanism and distributed VRF, offering superior Layer 1 security guarantees. These features improve DORA’s performance in terms of latency and network reliability, especially during market volatility. Supra has also developed HyperNova, a bridgeless cross-chain consensus mechanism, to further enhance DORA’s network’s capabilities.

X Layer Integrates Supra Oracle Price Feeds

OKX’s X Layer, a ZK-powered Layer-2 network, connects the OKX and Ethereum communities, enabling a global on-chain ecosystem. X Layer aims to integrate users and developers with the largest blockchain ecosystems. It leverages ZK proofs to ensure high security and scalability while significantly reducing transaction costs.

In collaboration with Polygon, OKX is enhancing the X Layer by developing the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to improve user experience through advanced technology access. X Layer supports seamless integration of existing EVM smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets, allowing for effortless migration of dApps at no cost. 

X Layer is powered by fast ZK-proof algorithms and advanced hardware, ensuring a superior overall user experience. Additionally, Supra Oracle price feeds are now integrated with X Layer, allowing developers to access real-time price updates efficiently. This improves smart contract functionality by offering cost-effective and flexible updates.

Innovate and Build the Future with Supra

Supra is transforming blockchain applications by enhancing their functionality and security with a toolkit that includes detailed guides and whitepapers. This improves app performance and simplifies integration. 

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