Supra introduces decentralized Oracle (DORA) price feeds on the Linea Mainnet

January 31, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra’s DORA price feeds bring a new era of data accessibility to Linea

Supra is excited to announce its integration of our decentralized Oracle (DORA) price feeds on the Linea Mainnet. This represents a fusion of Supra’s cutting-edge data service technology with Linea’s robust and secure network infrastructure. 

This integration will enhance the functionality and reliability of dApps on the Linea Mainnet, offering users and developers real-time, accurate, and decentralized price feed data. Supra’s DORA price feeds provide a critical solution for DeFi applications, enabling them to access the necessary market data with enhanced security and reduced latency.

Supra Revolutionizes Interoperability and Data Integration

Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) is revolutionizing blockchain interoperability by accurately integrating real-world data into blockchain networks. DORA achieves this through a network of interconnected nodes that prioritize data integrity and fault tolerance, essential for the effectiveness of smart contracts in the Web3 environment.

DORA aligns seamlessly with Supra’s Moonshot consensus mechanism and the distributed Verifiable Random Function (VRF), enhancing security and efficiency, especially in volatile market conditions. It addresses the significant challenge of distributed agreement in Oracle networks, ensuring the precision and reliability of data from various external sources.

Furthermore, DORA’s role extends to combating challenges like Byzantine faults, focusing on node consensus, termination, agreement, and validity. Supra’s ongoing HyperNova initiative signifies further technological advancements, aiming for a bridgeless cross-chain consensus mechanism. This positions DORA as a pivotal tool in validating and efficiently communicating data in the blockchain ecosystem.

Linea Integrates Decentralized Oracle (DORA) Price Feeds

Linea provides advanced scalability solutions for Ethereum with low gas fees, minimal latency, and high throughput. It is tailored for developers and offers full compatibility with widely used tools, infrastructures, IDEs, and wallets like MetaMask.

Linea enhances the Ethereum experience by providing full compatibility with the EVM, enabling both existing and new applications to be deployed at a significantly lower cost. The transactions are batched together in a rollup, and a single proof accompanying them is posted to Ethereum.

This process ensures robust security and notably reduces operational costs by aggregating multiple transactions into one proof. Oracle price feeds are now integrated into the Linea network and backed by Supra’s DORA for enhanced security. This allows Linea developers to request real-time price updates efficiently, reducing costs for on-chain interactions.

Innovate and Build the Future with Supra

Supra leads in developing decentralized Web3 services, focusing on scalability, security, and rapid transaction finality. They offer a developer toolkit with extensive guides and technical whitepapers, which are essential for understanding and using these tools. 

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