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Supra integrates VRF on BASE Mainnet

October 06, 2023 - 2 min read

We are pleased to announce that Supra has successfully integrated its Verifiable Random Function (VRF) services onto the BASE Mainnet. Developers of BASE can now utilize Supra’s cutting-edge VRF technology to enhance the potential of their dApps. 

Supra’s VRF presents a futuristic solution for generating random numbers, ensuring they remain both unbiased and unpredictable through the use of advanced algorithms and seed generation techniques. Furthermore, every RNG event produced by Supra’s VRF comes with cryptographic proof, guaranteeing the integrity and honesty of the outcome. 

This integration represents an important step for Supra as we continue to expand our services to networks like BASE.

Why BASE Network?

BASE represents an ambitious project in the crypto landscape. Backed by Coinbase, BASE aims to progressively decentralize, echoing the broader goal of a more open and inclusive crypto economy.

As an Ethereum Layer-2 solution, BASE provides the security, stability, and scalability that dApp developers need. It allows for smooth migrations from Ethereum Layer-1, Coinbase, and other interoperable chains, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Moreover, BASE offers an efficient EVM environment at a reduced cost, coupled with access to the latest Ethereum features, developer-friendly APIs, and innovative smart contract wallets. Built on the open-source MIT-licensed OP Stack, in collaboration with Optimism, BASE embodies the spirit of collaborative development, ensuring wide-reaching benefits for all.

With the integration of our VRF, projects on BASE can enjoy enhanced features and capabilities. Through the strategic positioning of BASE to leverage Coinbase’s vast resources, dApps can gain greater exposure and a smoother user experience.

Join Supra’s Journey to Excellence

Supra leads the way in delivering oracle services, RNG/VRFs, price data, and data oracles, emphasizing superior functionality, security, and reliability for blockchain platforms.

We’ve crafted a developer toolkit that prioritizes performance, adaptability, and consistency during the phases of data application creation and oversight. To assist developers further, Supra offers comprehensive developer documentation and whitepapers, serving as invaluable resources for smoothly integrating our oracle solutions.

Moreover, we’re thrilled to announce that Supra is expanding its reach to include more blockchain environments. Stay tuned for upcoming developments as we persistently evolve. Dive into Supra’s pioneering launch phase and participate in this exhilarating expedition!

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