Supra deploys VRF on Optimism Mainnet

October 04, 2023 - 2 min read

We’re excited to share that Supra has successfully launched our Verifiable Random Function (VRF) service on the Optimism Network. Optimism developers can now boost their dApps using Supra’s distributed, cryptographically secure, and low-latency VRF through an easy-to-use smart contract interface.

Supra VRF provides unbiased, unpredictable, and provably fair random number generation for blockchain gaming and random sampling use cases such as loot boxes, NFT-minting, character upgrades, odds-based games, and on-chain lotteries.

Supra’s expansion onto the Optimism Superchain signifies a significant milestone in its journey to solve the oracle problem and make blockchain better.

Why Optimism?

Optimism is a beacon in the Ethereum ecosystem. Designed as a Layer-2 scaling solution, it addresses Ethereum’s speed and cost challenges. The platform seamlessly integrates with Ethereum, allowing dApps to operate efficiently at a fraction of the cost, making it a top choice for many developers and users.

In addition, Optimism, with its Optimistic rollups, bundles multiple transactions into one on the Ethereum blockchain, streamlining the process and substantially reducing ‘gas’ fees. Optimism emerges as an essential solution for end-users seeking a faster, more economical, and decentralized experience.

Supra’s VRF offers dApps on Optimism with a source of trustworthy randomness. As per DefiLlama, Optimism is the second-largest Ethereum Layer-2, boasting over $639 million TVL in its smart contracts and attracting over 100k active users daily.

Join Supra’s Journey to Excellence

Supra delivers top-tier oracle services, RNG/VRFs, price data, and data oracles, focusing on enhanced functionality, security, and trustworthiness for blockchain platforms.

Our team has designed a developer toolkit emphasizing high performance, flexibility, and consistent experience throughout the data application development and management. Supra provides detailed developer guides and whitepapers to support developers, ensuring seamless integration of our oracle solutions.

Excitingly, Supra is broadening its presence across more blockchain ecosystems. Keep an eye out for our continued growth and innovations. Join us in Supra’s groundbreaking initial phase and be part of this thrilling journey!

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