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Supra Insights Vol. 8 – We did not dream about success. We worked for it.

November 08, 2021 - 5 min read

The SupraOracles team had incredible experience at NFT.NYC last week, where our team got to experience the convergence of music, art, and technology, as well as meeting some incredible new faces. If you’d like, take a listen to the audio track “October” above as you read the latest edition of Supra Insights’ October review. The audio piece tells a bit about our exciting journey this year. While 2021 started off a bit slow, momentum gathered quickly as we all fell in step with one another on the executive team. That synergy trickled down into the rest of the growing Supra family, which is now over 30 team members strong.

We’re excited to say that we’re all at a stage where things are really coming to fruition. To be clear, this has been a very long path for some of our co-founders, including Joshua Tobkin and Jon Jones, who have been paving a path for over 3+ years deep in the R&D trenches of the bear market to get us here.

Crypto winter came and passed, and in 2020 we were all graced with a lovely crypto spring. Thanks to crypto summer, SupraOracles has since accumulated deep roots, cultivated growing support, and has now strengthened to the point of being able to persevere through any future hardship. We’re excited to be entering the end of the beginning phase as we move through this final quarter of 2021 – and with each passing day, we’re one more step closer to alpha testnet… Are you ready?

227+ Partnerships in Total

Entrance into the Mastercard Start Path Program in July got many projects and data providers excited about the potential for integrating with us. From July to September, our team managed to secure over 130+ partnerships, averaging over 10 partnerships a week. If you’re an avid reader and fan of Supra Insights, you’ll remember that our go-to-market strategy was enhanced in September. This allowed us to leverage all the inbound interest we generated to ask potential contributors to make introductions for us to their favorite projects. 

Fortunately, things have continued to accelerate! In the last 30 days alone, we’ve pushed our number of partnerships from 130+ to over 227! That’s almost 100 partnerships in a single month! Our marketing team is hard at work to make sure we are not flooding and overly saturating our social media with these partnership announcements. However, we also want to give each new additional Supra partner and ally the recognition they deserve (each of our motion graphics are custom made because we value each partnership strongly). 

Our Data Partners

Our data providers are key partners in our ecosystem and will be fundamental to us offering a diverse, robust, and trusted suite of data feeds to our community. 

We’ve been really busy working with many data suppliers to ensure we have both traditional and exotic data sets to support existing and new projects that leverage SupraOracles. Informed by our DeFi users survey, where we interviewed over 196 projects, we’ve been able to craft multiple enterprise agreements with data partners to deliver cryptocurrency, stocks, fx, metals, sports, and even weather data in a secure, robust and performant way. 

Our data model is also pretty special! It will allow our data partners to either simply supply data to our ecosystem or play a direct active part in the delivery themselves! More on that to come!

We’re adding more data partners before we go live with mainnet as well. So, ensure you sign up to the SupraOracles announcements channel to be the first to know.

Product and Technical Growth

SupraOracles is not your run-of-the-mill data provider. While we are applying Layer 1 consensus principles to data we let into any network we service, we’re also positioning ourselves as a core infrastructure connecting other ecosystems together through our cross-chain communication and trustless bridge technologies. Our novel “Clan and Tribe” model allows our network’s architecture to simultaneously provide oracle services, cross-chain communications, automation services (think: a decentralized “if this, then that” service), as well as a decentralized Web 3.0 Gateway, which will allow us to secure data requests across the chains we integrate with. 

We’re currently on track to deliver an alpha testnet by January that’ll demonstrate the throughput of our system, our oracle data stability, and speed to finality. Thereafter, we’ll be holding a very special event for the general public, showcasing our technology’s capabilities, and revealing more secret projects and features that, to our knowledge, are only possible with our design. A few short months thereafter, we’ll be entering our testnet phase, and finally after the appropriate audits and preparations, we intend to bring our solution to a maturity ready for public mainnet launch! Stay tuned closely, we have some amazing new announcements in the next several weeks and months…!

Community Growth & Marketing

Growing a community organically can be tough, especially when the competition is so fierce in the blockchain industry. However, we’ve managed to grow our community size 144% last month. Twitter is the channel leading the charge with the strongest month-over-month growth and has averaged a healthy 8.2% engagement rate. We’re witnessing more and more Twitter users mention @SupraOracles, create memes (many hilarious ones!), and it’s absolutely fascinating to see our marketing efforts snowball our momentum- which we believe will ultimately become an unstoppable blockchain avalanche. 

Furthermore, we also ramped up our email marketing efforts. Over 2,800 users subscribed to learn more about Supra! Keep your eye out for upcoming community campaigns because we’re going to ensure that early Supra supporters (like you!) will have a chance at joining our whitelist, so be sure to give us your best email address!

Finally, thought leadership is very important to the executive team here. We are not anon because we want you to have extreme confidence in our team and technology. We’ve begun initiating our brand awareness “roadshow” with our brainiac CEO leading the way. If you missed it and want to catch up, check them out below:

Your support is how we thrive! Join us today to make a difference.

You want to join the tribe now, right? If you’re more of the interactive type and want to interact live, then come chat with us and your new community on Telegram. Maybe you like Telegram, but also love the Tweetstorms, come follow our Twitter for up-to-date announcements and opinion pieces.

The team at SupraOracles is technologically sharp but also diverse, inclusive, and human-focused. We care as passionately about our team as we do making decentralized finance a reality. We want you to join us in programming the financial infrastructure of the future. If you’re seeking a career, and in sync with our vision, please do enter our Careers page.



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