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Countdown to Blast Off: Update for Our US Players

May 24, 2023 - 3 min read

We’ve got some tough news, Cadets.

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Update November 21, 2023: As of today, Countdown to Blast Off has been reopened for US players with full compliance. Have fun!

Hey Supra tribe, we have an important update for you. As you may be familiar with, building in the blockchain industry comes with an ever-changing landscape of regulations. Keeping that in mind, we have had to make a difficult decision regarding the participation of US citizens in Countdown to Blast Off.

After careful consideration, we’ve had to take a really tough call to extend our list of restricted regions and add the USA due to a lack of clear guidelines and heightened legal uncertainty. We regret to inform our players that US citizens will no longer be able to participate in Countdown to Blast Off. 

We are constantly monitoring these developments and doing our best to stay on top of the latest changes and updates. While many of these developments around the world have been positive, sometimes we must make difficult decisions for the safety of both the players and the project at large.

Unfortunately, with these new changes to Countdown to Blast Off, new players from the USA will be unable to sign up and KYC to join the airdrop. The accounts of any Americans who have already joined will be frozen for the time being. Any tokens earned by existing American players so far will be held and airdropped after the campaign ends along with the rest of the players.

Please note, due to the uncertainty of rules and regulations in both the near and distant future, the distribution may include additional steps for US citizens to claim without compromising the project and the rest of the community. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm as we continue to seek ways to navigate the tricky waters of regulatory guidelines and make sure everyone is able to participate safely without exposure to legal risks due to non-compliance. 

We want to emphasize that this decision is not a reflection of our view on US citizens or the potential of the blockchain industry in the US. We believe that blockchain technology has the power to transform industries and economies around the world, and we remain committed to supporting this innovation and growth via our mission.

At the same time, we must also be mindful and take our responsibility to our players seriously, and we believe that this decision is necessary at this point in time. It may come as a disappointing update to our American players, but we want to assure everyone that this decision was not taken lightly. Our priority is always to ensure the safety of our players and the community at large. We hope that you can understand the need for these new measures in everyone’s best interests. 

We appreciate the understanding and support of our community as we navigate these challenges and work towards creating a safe, secure, and compliant experience for everyone.



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