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The Top 25 NFT Generator Tools (Free and Paid) for 2022

September 07, 2022 - 19 min read

The Top 25 Best NFT Art Generators Include NFT Art Generator, NFT Generator, and the Bueno Generator 

Despite market turbulence, creating NFTs has never been more popular. A report from April 2022 suggests that there are now over 80,000 NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain alone, meaning that there are likely tens of millions of Ethereum NFTs out there today, and millions more on other blockchains. Fortunately, making and minting your own NFTs has never been easier. 

Whether you’re an artist, a musician, a crypto nerd, or simply a tinkerer, there are a wide variety of affordable (and sometimes free) tools that can allow you to create high-quality NFTs without breaking the bank. Many of these NFT generators have incredible capabilities, including allowing users to mint 10,000 NFTs (or more) at once. Most of these generators are also AI NFT generators, which adds even more power to their NFT generation capabilities. In addition, most generators on this list are also no-code, which makes it significantly easier for the average Joe to create beautiful and engaging NFTs. 

In this article, we’ll review the top 25 NFT generator software tools, including their customization options, ease of use, price, and other information you should know so that you can make an informed choice about which tools to test (and which to avoid). 

1. NFT Art Generator/OneMint

NFT Art Generator by OneMint, which was recently rebranded to OneMint, is a popular no-code NFT generator tool that helps users create and mint NFTs on Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain (now BNB Smart Chain). The platform has helped users mint over 3 million NFT images, create over 250,000 collections, and deploy over 8,000 smart contracts. NFTs created on the platform have already sold for millions of dollars on major NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. 

The service has a simple graphics editing interface that allows users to drag and drop base images and create an unlimited amount of NFTs in a single collection. Various layers can be utilized, and various elements can be identified and selected to increase or decrease the rarity of specific NFTs in a collection. 

Their free NFT generator plan allows users to mint up to 100 NFTs at once but includes watermarks. Their collection-based pricing starts at $199 per collection and allows users to mint significantly larger collections. Their one-time/lifetime membership pass, which opens up the use of additional tools and allows users to add collaborators, is currently priced at $890. Users can pay using either their credit card or pay in ETH using their crypto wallet. 

2. Bueno NFT Generator 

The Bueno NFT Generator is another no-code NFT generation tool focusing on easy batch NFT generation and providing users with advanced rarity tools. Users can also store NFT data via IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System), a blockchain-enabled distributed, peer-to-peer data storage protocol. It also allows users to collaborate seamlessly via the use of crypto wallets. Bueno has an extremely advanced image editor, which provides many of the same drawing and photo editing tools of advanced programs like Adobe Photoshop. 

Bueno also provides an integrated mint button that allows NFT buyers to mint an NFT from an owner’s collection via a website plugin. The service also helps users integrate customized forms and plugins to allow users to collect visitors’ emails and to allow visitors to check their ETH balance, among other features. Perhaps most interestingly, Bueno also allows users to create a 2D metaverse (which they call a microverse) where a collection builder can create interactive environments, like bars and coffee shops, allowing NFT owners to play in an exciting virtual world. 

3. HotPot 

HotPot is an AI NFT generator tool that provides users “AI helpers” at each stage of the creative process. These stages include “conceiving ideas, transforming ideas into art, making creations unique with custom styles, writing compelling descriptions, producing NFT collections of 10,000 assets, and enlarging graphics to commercial sizes.” 

HotPot also has an NFT writing service called “Sparkwriter” which helps users name both individual NFTs and collections. Other tools include an AI image enlarger and an AI image sharpener. 

4. AppyPie 

AppyPie is a major no-code/low-code software company. Their NFT generation tool allows users to generate up to 10,000 NFTs at once and provides users with various pre-set design templates. AppyPie’s NFT generator also focuses on helping users enable airdrops, social tokens, and initial NFT offerings (INOs). The tool supports multiple blockchains, hosts files with an extremely high level of security, and has 24/7 customer support. Fortunately, their NFT generator is completely free to use. 

5. Figma

Figma is an extremely well-known UI/UX design software, which allows and encourages community members to add various tools and plugins. Pawel Kontek, a Figma community member, recently added an NFT generation tool which has become incredibly popular. Like AppyPie, the Figma tool allows users to generate up to 10,000 NFTs at once. 

Like other NFT generators, the tool uses traits and components, allowing users to build complex collections and create NFTs with varying levels of rarity. Figma starts free, has a professional version starting at $12/month, and has a $45/per month membership level for organizations. However, it should be noted that learning Figma could be slightly harder than many other NFT creation tools on this list. 

6. NightCafe NFT Generator 

NightCafe NFT Generator is a no-code AI-based NFT generation tool. Their “bulk create” mode allows users to create hundreds of NFTs in just minutes. One of their most powerful tools is their NFT style transfer option, which allows users to generate photos in specific styles, including the styles of various historic artists, like Van Gogh. Another interesting tool is their text-to-image AI tool, which allows users to create beautiful NFT artwork with a simple text prompt. 

Despite its incredible AI tools, NightCafe is not ideal for “generative” NFT collections, where thousands of NFTs are created with specific characteristics, and is instead designed for the creation of individual NFT artwork. Like Figma, it is a design tool only and does not integrate with a user’s wallet or other parts of the crypto ecosystem. 

7. NFT-Inator 

NFT-Inator is a popular free NFT generator tool. It’s fully integrated with Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, making it one of the few NFT generators with Solana integration. This makes it particularly attractive for Solana users, as Solana NFTs have significantly increased in popularity over recent months, especially since OpenSea began to offer them in April 2022. 

Like most other NFT tools, NFT-Inator allows the batch creation of NFTs, randomized traits and rarity settings, However, unlike some other NFT tools, NFT-Inator also offers animation and allows users to import GIFs while exporting GIFs and MP4 files. 

Through its associated service, Diamond Hands Hotel, the company also helps NFT creators add custom, unlockable content to their NFT collection. 

8. Genfty 

Genfty is a no-code NFT generator that specializes in creating large NFT collections of 10,000 or more. It allows users to easily import their NFT to IPFS with the complete metadata files and has easy backup and download functions. Their free service offers 100 credits, their pro service offers 100 credits for $1, and their premium service automatically generates the user’s NFTs, uploads them to IFPS, and generates smart contracts. This means that creating a collection of 10,000 NFTs costs as little as $99. 

9. GoArt by Fotor 

GoArt, by Fotor, is an AI-powered NFT generator tool that focuses on providing users a wide variety of easy to use photo filters and artistic effects, with over 50 options including pop art, byzantine, pencil drawing, superstring, and sponge dabbled. GoArt has a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes the entire process a breeze. 

However, GoArt does have several downsides. It’s not ideal for batch NFT creation, does not have any minting, smart contract, or file storage capabilities, and is quite expensive, at $29.99 per month. While the filters are cool, many users could be better off simply using Photoshop, which is priced similarly and has significantly more options. 

10. SketchAR

SketchAR is one of the best mobile NFT generators on the market today. The company also hosts its own NFT marketplace for SketchAR creators, as well as an auto-submission tool that allows users to submit their art to major NFT marketplaces. SketchAR has several unique features, including a tool that allows sketches to be projected onto paper with the help of a user’s smartphone camera. 

It also has an AI portrait generator, which turns photos into unique pieces of AI-generated art, as well as a time-lapse recording function, which can allow users to create NFTs that showcase their entire creative process. In addition, the company provides in-app courses to teach drawing skills, and has an extensive course library intended for artists of all skill levels. Due to its courses and marketplace, SketchAR provides an entire community for NFT artists, not just a generator tool. The only major downside of SketchAR is that it is currently not available on desktop. 

11. WOMBO Dream

WOMBO Dream is a mobile AI-art creator that allows users to generate art in a variety of ways, including by simply typing in words or phrases. In addition to its easy-to-use mobile app, it also has full desktop functionality. WOMBO Dream was not specifically created for NFT generation, so it doesn’t have minting tools, metadata provision, or smart contract functionality. It also may not be the best for traditional artists or those looking to create large batches of generative NFTs. 

Despite this, the tool has some of the most powerful AI available, as it utilizes a massive database of thousands of images to create unique art in a wide spectrum of styles and moods, including street art, melancholic, dreamy, arcane, baroque, dark fantasy, and Dali, among many others. Its diffusion tool also allows users to choose between faces, portraits, and landscapes. 

12. NFT Creator! 

NFT Creator! is a mobile NFT creation app launched by the company Metathug. It allows users to import their own images, and provides 1000+ pre-set graphics to help users combine images and graphics to generate unique NFT art. To provide inspiration, the NFT Creator! app features art created by others on the platform. NFT Creator! is currently priced at $3.99 per week or $49.99 per year. 

13. StarryAI 

Like NightCafe and WOBMO Dream, StarryAI is an AI-based art generation app that allows users to generate unique AI art with as little as a single word. The app allows users to select from a variety of different models, styles, aspect ratios, and initial images in order to customize their art. 

StarryAI provides users 5 free, non-watermarked images a day, and has a variety of payment plans for more engaged users, including monthly plans ranging from $11.99 to $14.99, 40, 100, and 200 credit packs, and a 3-month membership for $29.99. 

Like WOMBO Dream, GoArt, Figma, and several other AI art generator tools, it’s not geared specifically for NFTs, so don’t expect minting, metadata, or batch creation tools. 

14. Dall•E

Dall•E may just be the world’s most advanced AI-based text-to-art image generation tool. The software is capable of creating art significantly more complex than many other AI text-to-art generators, which is likely because the tool is GPT-3 trained and uses advanced neural networks. Dall•E was created by OpenAI, a well-known research laboratory co-founded by Elon Musk. 

According to the company’s website, Dall•E specializes at “creating anthropomorphized versions of animals and objects, combining unrelated concepts in plausible ways, rendering text, and applying transformations to existing images.” 

The tool also specializes in 3-D scene visualization, allowing it to approach the same image or scene from different viewpoints. In addition, it can transform simple sketches into complex, realistic paintings and photograph-like images with realistic lighting and perspective. 

15. is both an NFT generator, a web3 art community, and an AI-powered social art marketplace for both NFTs and physical products. According to its website, “ is an ArtTech social marketplace enabling companies and creators to create artistic AI-personalized NFTs as event gifts and tickets to engage in creative community DAOs.”

It provides a powerful “scan and buy” tool which allows customers to instantly purchase AI and physical art, as well as automated delivery and customs management for shipping physical art products. Buyers can make secure payments with either credit cards or crypto. 

However, despite its benefits and innovative community, does take a particularly high fee for artists, 20% for initial sales and 10% for resales, which dwarfs industry leader OpenSea’s 2.5% and the even lower fees on many decentralized NFT marketplaces. 

16. NinjaFT

NinjaFT is a bit different from most other tools on this list. Instead of a conventional NFT generator, it’s unique NFT gaming community and metaverse where individuals can design and mint their own NFT collectable trading cards utilizing hundreds of templates and high-quality graphics. Users can earn the game’s native currency, Ninjacoin (NINJA) passively by battling with other players, buying NFTs, and and joining daily airdrops. NINJA can be exchanged in-game for BNB, the native currency of the Binance Smart Chain (now BNB Smart Chain) blockchain. Their Candy Machine generator tool also allows players to randomly generate an NFT profile picture

The NinjaFT app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. 

17. Nifty Ink

Nifty Ink is both an NFT generation tool and a marketplace for unique NFT art. It was designed to help bring prices down for smaller NFT artists and art collectors who may have been priced out of Ethereum due to high minting costs, which have occasionally spiked to hundreds of dollars per mint during times of high network congestion. 

The platform operates xDAI sidechain (as well as using meta transactions) to reduce minting and transfer costs, while still bridging to the Ethereum blockchain for those who want traditional Ethereum NFTs. While xDAI is somewhat less secure than Ethereum, it’s significantly faster and less expensive, allowing users to buy and sell artwork for as little as a penny. 

In addition to its low costs, the Nifty Ink platform offers an intuitive drawing tool, and creates instant “burner wallets” for all users. They can use this “burner wallet” to sign meta transactions, while Nifty Ink pays for the gas using GSN. According to Nifty: “Each brush stroke is recorded and the work is signed by the artist then stored in IPFS.” 

When compared to other NFT generators, Nifty Ink is less for those looking to create a serious (or large batch) NFT collection, and is more for amatuer artists,  tinkerers and those looking to engage with a fun, lighthearted Web3 art community. 

18. Deep Dream Generator 

Deep Dream Generator is an extremely popular AI image generation tool founded by Google in collaboration with Mannheim University, which is increasingly being used to create NFTs. The tool allows users to create detailed 3D images using the platform’s powerful neural network-based algorithms. The platform’s artificial neural network is modeled after the human brain, so the software learns patterns by observing the world around it. 

Like some other AI art platforms, Deep Dream Generator allows users to combine original photographs with classic paintings, such as those by Van Gogh, Dali,  and even the famous Japanese print artist Hokusai. Images generated by the platform are complex, highly stylized, and often eerily psychedelic, leaving many with the impression that they were created by man, rather than machine.

Users need “energy” in order to create new images, with free users being granted 30 energy at registration, just enough to create a few relatively high-quality images. Creating higher resolution and high-quality images utilizes more energy, which regenerates every hour. Paid users can purchase a Basic membership for $9/month, an Advanced membership for $19/month, and a Professional membership for $39/month, each of which provides the user more energy they can use to create higher resolution and higher-quality images. 

Multiple artists have been creating NFTs using Deep Dream Generator for some time, with some NFTs created on the platform currently selling on the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. 

19. Generate NFT Online 

Generate NFT Online is a popular, no-code NFT generation and minting tool compatible with the Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon blockchains. It allows users to export their NFTs as images, GIFs, and videos, allows for metadata generation, and permits users to select rarity traits for their NFTs on a scale of 0-100. 

The platform makes things incredibly easy for new NFT artists, even giving them hosted mint pages that allow customers to mint their NFTs with just a few clicks, as well as embeddable mint buttons for their own websites. The platform also offers lazy minting, presales, and whitelists to provide even more tools to facilitate the mining process and to support artists in promoting their work. 

Generate NFT Online has multiple membership levels; its free membership allows users to generate up to 25 NFTs watermarked NFTs, its next highest membership, at $49.99/month allows for up to non-watermarked 10,000 NFTs across two collections, while it’s unlimited membership plan, at $69.99/month permits users to generate up to 10,000 assets at a time with unlimited collections. 

Despite the platform’s benefits, it should be noted that the platform takes 3.9% of sales for all NFTs minted on the platform using the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains. This is more than 50% more expensive than the industry leader OpenSea, which charges just 2.5% on each transaction. 

20. UniqMyNFT

UniqMyNFT is another no-code NFT creator tool, which, like Generate NFT Online, provides functionality for the Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchains. However, unlike Generate NFT Online, it also allows users to mint on Binance Smart Chain (now BNB Smart Chain). 

Users can mint more than 10,000 NFTs at once, utilizing uploaded content layers for elements such as backgrounds, body parts (including torsos, eyes, and pupils), and accessories like jewelry and glasses. Layer rarity can be applied to ensure that a certain layer is only applied a specific number of times. Users can easily download their collection with a zip file. 

UniqMyNFT exports metadata compatible with major NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Solsea, Rarible, and Magic Eden. The tool allows users to create and download 100 NFTs, and has three paid options: $149 for up to 1,000 NFTs generated, $299 for up to $5,000 NFTs generated, and $499 for up to 10,000 NFTs generated. 

This cost per collection makes UniqMyNFT perhaps the most expensive batch NFT generator on the market today, so users will want to compare its functionality to the many other less expensive options before deciding to make a purchase. 

21. NFT Art 3D 

NFT Art 3D is a completely free 3D NFT art generation tool. It offers several interesting filers for users, including the 8-bit pixelation filter (which can be used to create NFT images similar to CryptoPunks, a “horror” effect, which makes images flicker and look like old, yellowed photographs, a water effect, which makes images look as if they were photographed underwater, a mirror effect option, a collage maker, and an image-to-video tool, which can make images move somewhat relativistically. 

22. NFT Forge 

NFT Forge is another 3D NFT creator which allows users to create beautiful 3D NFTs through their “NFT FORGE” framework. Users can import premade 3D models as ZIP, OBJ, FBX, GLTF2,, PLY, 3MF, and STL files. The app has an easy-to-use brush tool that allows users to draw over 3D elements with up to three brush layers, position, size, and rotation animation control, and striking share effects including parallax, toon shading, UV transform, diffuse, specular, and bloom. Users can export NFTs as JPGs, PNGs, or GIFs. 

23. Beeple Generator

Designed by new media artists Sam Newell and Vince McKelvie, the Beeple Generator allows users to generate, render, and download randomized 3D images based on the NFTs artist’s’ cheeky and surrealistic style. Unfortunately, the Beeple Generator does not allow for any customization– and it’s unclear if any NFTs have been minted on it, but it certainly provides an opportunity for those looking to generate unique and surreal 3D NFTs. 

24. The Sandbox 

The Sandbox is currently the world’s most popular virtual land game, with some in-game virtual land NFTs selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. What those who have not yet played may not know is that the Sandbox also has one of the most advanced 3D NFT generators on the market. VoxEdit, the Sandbox’s native NFT generator, allows users to create, rig, and animate their own voxel-based NFTs. 

This allows for a significantly larger degree of control than most NFT generators, as via rigging, NFTs (such as avatars) can move around the game in unique and realistic ways. The generator requires an additional download, but is free (and so is minting, except for gas fees). 

The main downside of The Sanbox’s generator is that these in-game NFTs are primarily designed for use inside the Sandbox metaverse, and seem to have little popularity or functionality outside the game. This could limit their long-term value, as if the game loses popularity, so will the NFTs you have created. 

25. PixelChain

PixelChain is a decentralized NFT generation app that allows users to create unique pixelated art, which is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece of artwork is encoded as an ERC-721 token, the industry’s most popular form of NFT token standard. One major benefit of PixelChain is that it allows users to store NFTs on-chain without the use of IPFS. 

The Best Free NFT Creators

After examining all the NFT creators on this list, we’ve found only a few that are completely (or mostly free). These include NFT-Inator, AppyPie, and the NFT generators that can be found on Github, such as the Appsus NFT Generator. 

The Best 3D NFT Creators 

Overall, the best 3D NFT generators are NFT Forge, NFT Art 3D, Beeple Generator, and The Sandbox’s Vox Editor tool. 

NFT Generators On Github

In addition to the user-friendly, no-code NFT generators we’ve mentioned on this list, those inclined to code (and even some who are not) will find a variety of tools, including already-created NFT generators, on Github that may help them create even more customized NFT collections, or at the very least, allow them to avoid paid software options in order to create large NFT collections for free. 

Github’s NFT generators range from crude randomized image generators, to the Appsus NFT Generator, a “free, open-source application used to generate NFT art collections from an input of base image layers… with configurable layer rarity and metadata generation.” Which allows users to upload and mint on both Ethereum and Solana. Other popular NFT generators on Github include the SickAlien NFT Art Generator, “an interactive tool to generate 1000s of NFTs just by simple drag and drop” and X-SLAYER 

How to Create an NFT Generator 

Creating your own NFT generator may require significant coding expertise, particularly with languages like Python. If you want to create your own NFT generator to your own specifications, the best method would likely be to start by examining the code of the many open-source NFT generators on Github, and using these as a potential base to create your own NFT generator. If you particularly like one open-source NFT generator, it may be more efficient to simply create your own version with added functionality or additional features rather than to start from scratch. 

In Conclusion: NFT Generators Abound, So Users Should Experiment With What They Like Best

Fortunately, for those looking to generate NFTs, there’s no lack of options on the market today. These options, of course, vary significantly by intended use, the variety of tools available, and, of course, the cost. 

A few NFT generators are completely free, or have generous free versions, while most require a paid membership to generate a substantial amount of NFTs. Certain NFT generators are designed to mint single pieces of NFT art, while others are optimized to batch-mint 10,000 NFTs (or more) at once. 

In addition, it should be noted that some NFT generation options are design tools not specifically made for NFTs. In contrast, other NFT software is specifically designed to facilitate the minting process and provide metadata for multiple blockchains. In the end, users have various NFT generation options, and therefore, should likely test multiple versions before making a final purchase. 


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