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How to Check Axie Infinity’s Server Status (2022)

August 16, 2022 - 5 min read

How to Use The Axie.Zone Website, the Axie Infinity Discord Server, and the Axie Infinity Subreddit to Check On the Game’s Server Status 

Axie Infinity has exploded in popularity over the last year and a half, but that popularity has come with a variety of server issues. This is particularly the case due to the increased interest in its land metaverse. As the game grows, new players come in, and new updates are launched, which will likely only bring in new bugs and new server issues. 

With many people using Axie Infinity as a major source of income, especially in countries like The Philippines, server outages can cost players real money, so it’s important for players to understand how to check the game’s server status. 

Unfortunately, Axie Infinity has no official page that can be used to check the game’s server status, so players need to rely on third-party sources to do this. 

In this article, we’ll review why the Axie Infinity server has been going down, and the best ways to check the game’s server status, including AxieZone, Discord, Telegram, and other social media platforms. 

Why Has The Axie Infinity Server Status Been Going Down? 

Blockchain-based games have inherent limitations, especially when they grow fast. With an estimated average of more than 1 million players per month, Axie Infinity is certainly not immune to this problem. In addition to the aforementioned updates, which can lead to bugs, Axie Infinity also goes through scheduled maintenance periods, which could lead to the server going down for short periods. Plus, it should be noted that an estimated 40% of the game’s players are based in the Philippines, and such a large concentration of players in one area could be an additional strain on server resources. 

Fortunately, the game’s developers have stated that they are attempting to address these outage issues by increasing the game’s server capacity and doing more regular maintenance to prevent bugs and other issues that could lead to increased server downtime.  

It should also be noted that Axie Infinity is still technically in its Alpha phase, so there may be less server downtime when the game goes into its next phase. 

Checking to See If Axie Infinity is Under Maintenance 

Before taking the time to visit AxieZone, Telegram, or Discord to look into potential Axie Infinity server issues, you may want to check the game’s official social media channels to see if the game is under maintenance. 

Here are links to the game’s official channels: 

Sometimes, when attempting to login to Axie Infinity, the game will actually tell you that maintenance is underway, and provide an estimated time as to when the game’s servers will be back online. 

Checking the Axie Infinity Server Status Using Axie Zone

AxieZone is perhaps the most comprehensive independent information site on Axie Infinity. According to the site’s homepage: “AxieZone is a dedicated information site to Axie Infinity, a game built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain, about collecting and raising fantasy creatures called Axie.”

Fortunately, AxieZone has a dedicated page that allows people to check the game’s server status. Here is a link to that page on AxieZone. However, it should be noted that this page is not always updated, so players may need to check out other sources, like Discord and Reddit, to determine that server’s current status. 

Checking The Axie Infinity Server Status Using Discord and Reddit 

r/AxieInfinity subreddit and Axie Infinity Discord server are also great ways to check to see if other players are experiencing server problems. If a few players are experiencing server problems, it may be a sign that the problems are more widespread across the game. 

In particular, the Axie Infinity Discord server has a #support-updates channel which shows when the game is under scheduled maintenance. It should be noted that it could be challenging to get access to this server because it’s close to its full capacity of 800,000 members. In addition to the main Discord server, there are also regional servers for the Philippines, as well as Spanish or Portuguese speakers, so if you speak these languages (or want to use Google Translate, these could also be good options for up-to-date server information. Here is a link to the official Discord servers for Axie Infinity

In contrast, the r/AxieInfinity subreddit, like all subreddits, does not have a membership limit, so there should be no problem getting information from it. This is a link to the Axie Infinity subreddit

Other Places To Check The Axie Infinity Server Status

In addition to Axie Zone, Discord, and Reddit, there are several other places where players can potentially check on Axie Infinity’s server status. These include Facebook Groups, Telegram Groups, and even WhatsApp groups. Telegram is probably the best place among these to check on the game’s server status, and, while Axie Infinity does have an official channel, you will probably find more accurate and up-to-date information on the various fan and player groups that have proliferated on the app. 


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