SupraPartners #173 – SupraOracles collaborates with Battle Saga, the ultimate metaverse game platform

May 30, 2022 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is delighted to announce its partnership with Battle Saga, the next frontier of the gaming business with a novel technology that allows gamers to Earn-Without-Playing (EWP). Battle Saga is blockchain technology and a metaverse platform that will enable gamers to join a massive virtual sagaverse world rich in social and financial potential. In addition, users can connect with other players, participate in various community events, and access a larger cryptocurrency economy.

Battle Saga has a proprietary matchmaking technology that pairs players with similar in-game levels. Because the upgrade options for buildings, troops, and heroes are phased with the player’s level, two players of the same level will have identical armor and defensive levels, ensuring that all players are matched fairly. In addition, Battle Saga offers a lot of revenue streams that ensure its independence, including in-game NFTS, marketplace exchanges, royal pass, breeding commissions, etc.

Battle Saga permits virtual engagement with other players with a hero NFT avatar. The user can purchase NFT lands and other intriguing NFTs. Players can build stores, party halls, offices, and meeting rooms and organize social gatherings.

Through this partnership with SupraOracles, Battle Saga can import data from Clash of Clans and make comparisons in Battle Saga. Furthermore, SupraOracles can assist Battle Saga in the algorithmic generation of 10k unique NFTs. Eventually, Battle Saga can have the possibility of integrating an external payment system with the help of SupraOracles.

Sherab Jamtsho, CEO and founder of Battle Saga, commented:
“Collaborating with SupraOracles would be an excellent opportunity for us as it will provide us with extensive data and increase the growth of our community. Furthermore, with the help of SupraOracles, we can also integrate an external payment system through which the users can receive their payments quickly.”

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:
Unique NFTs can be generated through Battle Saga’s resources. We will be assisting Battle Saga with required data for future enhancements of their game. We are looking forward to a great partnership ahead.”

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles is a revolutionary technology that crosses the gap between conventional financial markets and the web3 area. It aims to connect private DLTs, public blockchains, and traditional legacy infrastructure by providing the community with a powerful cross-chain oracle. It provides a framework for designing, deploying, and managing faster, more agile, and more robust data applications. SupraOracles is a unique Layer1 protocol developed for scalability, security, and finality.

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About Battle Saga

Battle Saga is a next-generation strategic game inspired by the popular Clash of Clans series that allows users to Earn-Without-Playing. Battle Saga is a futuristic decentralized NFT game that strives to provide its gamers with ground-breaking gaming experiences through De-Fi technologies, DAO governance, and, most importantly, its metaverse, among other features.

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