What is Blockchain Council?

August 18, 2022 - 6 min read

The Blockchain Council expands the blockchain professional community and educates the general public about the technology.

The Blockchain Council fosters an enabling ecosystem for businesses, enterprises, developers, and the general public by disseminating Blockchain-related knowledge. Individually and as a private de-facto organization, Blockchain Council is committed to expanding the use of Blockchain worldwide.


Blockchain Council, founded in 2017, is a respected body of industry leaders and blockchain enthusiasts spreading the word about the potential of blockchain technology.

Suppose you want to get started in or advance your career in the blockchain business. In that case, the Blockchain Council has webinars, training, certifications, and more available for purchase or free. By doing so, Blockchain Council intends to establish a healthy atmosphere for innovation and improvement in Blockchain.

They are neutral in their promotion of Blockchain and Web3-related technologies and platforms. Every use case or problem has a different demand due to its unique character. Blockchain Council offers thoughts and opinions on specific use cases and the technologies that need to be tested for those use cases.

You can join the council if you are interested in riding this technological wave, staying ahead of the curve when comprehending the technology’s use case, and automatically eliminating the trust layer without human intervention. To share their expertise with their members, they host regular, free webinars, provide members with free training and certifications, and host regular, free seminars and events.

Why choose the Blockchain Council?

Members of the Blockchain Council are some of the most influential persons in the Blockchain community and possess a significant amount of expertise regarding the technology. They provide a variety of different packages that are catered to both people and businesses. In addition, you can sign up on your own and reap the benefits of our certifications and training conducted by an instructor, as well as free access to our premium content, webinars, and other events. Some of the reasons for choosing Blockchain Council are:

  • To set yourself apart in the professional world and receive certification from the Blockchain Council, educate yourself on the fundamental aspects of blockchain technology and how it could be implemented.
  • Experts in the area can teach you how to construct blockchain-related applications and projects while you get hands-on experience in the field. This will help you advance your career in blockchain technology.
  • Gain a position of thought leadership and significantly effect by offering solutions to organizations and enterprise applications based on blockchain technology.
  • Innovative educational programs are established in consultation with business and academic institutions to foster the development of marketable skills in today’s job market.

Benefits of Studying with Blockchain Council

Therefore, what are some of the characteristics and benefits that Blockchain Council provides to its students and community members?

Access to courses for Life: If you enroll in any of the Blockchain Council’s studies, you will have unrestricted access to all of the course content for the rest of your life.

Students have access to professional assistance because the Blockchain Council comprises subject-matter experts. This provides students with the opportunity to receive training assistance and expertise.

Access to educational events and webinars: Students and members of the Blockchain Council are granted free access to various educational events and webinars.

Blockchain Council Membership

Blockchain Council makes it very easy to select the resources you require and personalize your learning experience, allowing for a more productive and fruitful educational experience overall! Learn valuable skills and information while simultaneously saving time and money.

1. Free Entry- $0/year

  • Participate in the world’s most extensive blockchain Community.
  • Receive information on recent deals, training opportunities, and blockchain-related news.
  • Use blockchain to keep track of your current certification status.
  • Access to premium content, like e-books and podcasts, without charge
  • 30–50% off any training, Get a certificate proving that you are a member of the Blockchain Council Free access to all of the webinars and workshops
  • Members have free access to all blockchain training courses, valued at $399.

2. Individual Membership – $229 /year

  • There will be a discount of 30% on all self-paced training and 50% on all instructor-led courses.
  • Access to premium content, like e-books and podcasts, without charge
  • Obtain publication for your writings.
  • Obtain a credential as a Blockchain Council member.
  • Make sure that you are highlighted on the member network.
  • Access to all of the webinars and seminars is completely free.
  • All members have free access to a blockchain course bundle valued at $399.

3. Corporate Membership- $1499 /year

Gaining company recognition within the corrosion community demonstrates to prospective employees that you are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of the most recent industry news and technical information.

  • Includes benefits from the Individual plan
  • Employees receive a free training certification license for 15 years.
  • The Blockchain Council’s website will be updated to include the firm logos of its corporate members.
  • Opportunities to speak at meetup gatherings and annual events, such as the keynote speaker, on panels, or in other capacities.
  • Make sure that your staff is represented on the member network.
  • Additional employees can be hired thanks to a blockchain courses package with a value of $399 that is free for members. Each course costs $119.

Value Of Blockchain Certification

A blockchain certification verifies a candidate’s skills in applying blockchain solutions to business challenges.

Furthermore, blockchain certificates will provide promising evidence of a professional’s mastery of in-demand abilities for particular Web3 jobs. The ability to transform businesses with blockchain technology could be validated by obtaining a blockchain certification. Obtaining a blockchain certification is, thus, evidence of having attained a particular competency level in the blockchain.

On the other hand, certification demonstrates competency in a body of information that can prove invaluable to companies of all kinds.

Some of the reasons for having blockchain certifications are:

  1. One of the benefits of obtaining a blockchain certification is that it verifies your competence with cutting-edge technology. Importantly, blockchain is currently favored by businesses of varying sizes. Full-stack blockchain developers, system engineers, cryptocurrency traders, and many other high-demand fields are all accessible to those with the best blockchain credentials. Database administrators, solution architects, and system administrators can all benefit from adding blockchain qualifications to their resumes.
  1. Candidates with blockchain training and certification have a higher level of competence with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Candidates who have earned blockchain certificates have demonstrated their competence in integrating blockchain technology into an organization’s pre-existing procedures and systems.
  1. Third, knowing about blockchain is important, but certificates give you even more tools to succeed. Perhaps most importantly, blockchain credentials provide versatile entry to crucial resources related to blockchain development.
  1. Fourth, blockchain professionals can maintain their marketability by making use of the capacity of prominent blockchain certification providers to update exam objectives in light of the newest industry trends. In addition, businesses have enough chances to guarantee the success of workforce transformation programs thanks to recertification criteria for blockchain certifications.

Courses Offered by Blockchain Council

Blockchain Council exclusively offers online classes. This school provides training in 12 credentials, with Certified Blockchain Expert, Blockchain Certification, and Blockchain Certified Expert being the most reviewed. The time required to finish this education training spans from 6 hours to 3 months, with a mean completion time of 1 week. Depending on qualification, the cost to attend Blockchain Council ranges from $129 to $300, with a median price of $129.

The categories for the Blockchain Certification are:

  1. Web3, metaverse and NFT
  2. Understanding blockchains
  3. Developing blockchains
  4. Blockchain for business
  5. Cryptocurrency

Some of the most popular courses are:

  1. Certified Blockchain Expert™ Instructor-Led Training: Certified Blockchain ExpertTM (CBE) is a Certification designed to convey information regarding a blockchain-based system’s operation.
  1. Certified Cryptocurrency Trader™ (CCT) Instructor-Led Training: Blockchain Council’s Certified Cryptocurrency TraderTM (CCT) program is where you can master the Cryptocurrency market by studying with Cryptocurrency industry professionals.
  1. Certified Metaverse Expert™ Instructor-Led Training: Metaverse, one of the top contenders for the most popular words of 2021, has come to provide us with a parallel virtual universe.
  1. Certified Cardano Expert™: This exam-based certification will give you the skills to build and flourish in Cardano. This certification will also address Cardano’s operating mechanism and how it improves Blockchain protocol compared to other networks.
  1. Certified Blockchain Architect™: Blockchain Architects will gain theoretical and practical experience in all areas of blockchain development. It shows your blockchain experience. You’ll gain the knowledge to make good blockchain decisions. As a Certified Blockchain Architect, you’ll have an advantage when building blockchain-based solutions for businesses.
  1. Certified Ethereum Developer™: An Ethereum developer is an expert in Ethereum, a decentralized blockchain platform. The developer knows Ethereum’s basics and advanced concepts to flourish in blockchain networks. Earning this certification will allow you to become an Ethereum developer with highly sought-after expertise.

To level up and gain a deeper knowledge of all things related to the future of the cryptocurrency industry, check out the latest content in the Supra Academy section.


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