The Top 10 Websites for Web3 Jobs (2022)

August 16, 2022 - 9 min read

Web3 Jobs, Cryptocurrency Jobs, and CryptoJobsList Are Among The Best Crypto Job Boards Online Today

Despite recent instability in the crypto markets, the Web3 industry is growing like wildfire. According to a recent study by Vantage Market Research, the Web3 and blockchain industry is growing at an incredible 41.6% per year, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. With so much growth potential, it’s only natural that many people are looking to transition into a career in Web3. 

Web3 jobs are also quite well paid, with the average blockchain developer earning, on average, over $150,000 a year. Non-technical jobs, including marketing, communications, and legal positions also generally offer above-market salaries due to high industry demand and the billions in venture capital that has flooded into the industry in recent years. In fact, according to CryptoJobsList, the average Web3 salary, regardless of role, is still over $100,000 per year

Web3 offers not only relatively high salaries and the potential for rapid career growth, but also the opportunity to shape the next generation of internet technologies. The Web3 industry will have a massive impact on how we work, socialize, play, and interact with money, finance, and investing, so potential job hunters have a lot to look forward to when considering a career in the industry. 

However, just like any industry, searching for jobs can be a challenge. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 websites to search for Web3 jobs. These websites specifically focus on blockchain, crypto, and Web3 jobs, so you can filter out the noise and focus on exactly the kinds of jobs you’re looking for. 

1. Web3 Jobs

Web3 Jobs is perhaps the most popular Web3 job board in the industry today. It currently offers more than 22,000 job postings across 2,500 Web3 projects in a wide variety of industry niches. Major industry players, including Polygon, Ripple, Stripe, UNICEF, and Techstars are among the many companies currently using the website to search for talent. 

Web3 Jobs offers an easy-to-use user interface (though it is somewhat dark) and lists a wide scope of Web3 jobs, including everything from paid DAO members and UX designers to traditional smart contract developers, product managers, game developers, and interns. It also offers entry-level Web3 jobs for those with less professional experience. To make things easier for job hunters, specialized sections on the website also list remote Web3 jobs, the highest-paying Web3 jobs, and non-technical Web3 jobs. The site also provides a list of the top cities for Web3 jobs. Companies can post a job beginning at $199. 

2. Cryptocurrency Jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs describes itself as “the leading job board for blockchain jobs and cryptocurrency jobs,” and, while that may be hard to quantify, it certainly is one of the most popular blockchain job boards out there today. Unlike some other crypto job boards, Cryptocurrency Jobs makes it just as easy to post a job as to search for one, and has a prominently placed search bar in the center of the home page. 

Cryptocurrency Jobs is currently used by many of the biggest companies in the crypto and blockchain industry, including AAVE, Algorand, Argent, Consensys, Gitcoin, and, perhaps most notably, The Ethereum Foundation. Types of roles offered on the site are also diverse, and include customer support, design, engineering, finance, marketing, non-tech, operations, product, and sales. 

In addition to its mainstream crypto jobs section, the site also has a specialized page for Web3 jobs. The site also offers average salary information for each of the main job roles in the industry, which can be highly valuable for new job searchers. 

Despite its benefits, it should be noted that the site currently lists quite a few less jobs than some other job boards, with just over 570 jobs currently listed. 

3. Remote3

Remote3 is a website dedicated to listing remote-only jobs in the blockchain and Web3 space. According to the site, it allows job searchers to “discover remote Web3 Jobs around the world at companies working on blockchain, smart contract, DeFi, NFT, [and] crypto.” It also allows companies to connect and hire remote workers in Web3 space. 

A few of the better-known companies using Remote3 for hiring include Maple Finance, Penguin Finance, Donut, Palmswap, Zebec, Status, and Syndica. Therefore, it can be said that the website doesn’t quite have as much mainstream adoption as competitors like Web3 Jobs or Cryptocurrency Jobs. 

In addition to allowing companies to post jobs on the site, Remote3 also aggregates job listings from some of the largest companies in the crypto space, including Coinbase, Binance, Solana Labs, and Brave, though it hasn’t yet directly partnered with these firms. 

Unlike some other Web3 job sites, Remote3 also has a large educational portal designed to teach people about all aspects of Web3, including DAOs, investing, and programming. The site also lists remote and in-person hackathons hosted by some of the largest companies in the Web3 space, which can be especially helpful for blockchain developers looking to practice their skills and network during the job hunting process. 

4. CryptoJobsList 

CryptoJobsList is another major Web3 job board, which currently hosts more than 6,800 job postings, more than 2,000 companies, and salary information for more than 3,300 jobs. According to their website, the company has accepted nearly 110,000 applications for jobs in the Web3 space. Listed job types and industry verticals include Web3, NFT, Solidity, developer, marketing, DeFi, intern, compliance, and community management. 

Like Cryptocurrency Jobs, CryptoJobsList has a specialized page specifically for Web3 jobs. The site also has a salary section that allows users to anonymously submit their salary in order to provide accurate salary data for other site users. 

CryptoJobsList is currently being utilized by major crypto and blockchain companies including The Ethereum Foundation, Huboi, Circle, Etherscan, CoinMarketCap and OKEX. Unlike some other crypto job boards, CryptoJobsList offers a weekly Web3 jobs newsletter to keep job hunters updated on their most recent postings. 

5. CryptoJobs 

CryptoJobs describes itself as “the #1 website for Web3 jobs” and states that its mission is “to connect talented individuals to the best blockchain projects, to accelerate the advent of a more decentralized world.” The company has partnered with over 1,000 employers, including impressive names such as Consensys, Huboi, BlockFi, Unstoppable Domains, OKEX,, IOTA, Bitfinex, Coinlist, and the Cardano Foundation. 

CryptoJobs hosts regular AMAs to teach people about various blockchain and crypto subjects, including GameFi, DeFi technologies, crypto project community management, privacy issues, and more, with a major focus on helping teach people how to get jobs in the Web3 industry. CryptoJobs also boasts a substantial email subscriber list, with over 40,000 people subscribed to their weekly email updates. 

6. Gaby’s Web3 Job Board

Gaby’s Web3 Job Board is a micro-niche job board created and hosted by experienced blockchain investor Gaby Goldberg, an investor at noted venture capital fund TCG Crypto. While the board hosts relatively few jobs, many of the jobs posted here can’t be found elsewhere. In addition to job postings from small startups, Gaby’s Web3 Job Board also hosts postings from major crypto players like AAVE, Polygon, and the Sia Foundation. 

Postings include roles in a variety of areas, including software engineering, marketing, sales, business operations, product, creative, finance and accounting, design, and financial services. 

7. RemoteOK 

RemoteOK bills itself as the internet’s “#1 Remote Job Board” and, according to their website, is used by more than 1.8 million remote job hunters across the world. RemoteOk boasts partnerships with a variety of large businesses including Amazon, GitHub, Stripe, Shopify, Upwork, Indeed, and AngelList. In addition to providing job listings, the company has also partnered with SafetyWing to help provide affordable health insurance for remote workers and freelancers. 

As RemoteOK provides job listings for remote jobs in a wide variety of industries, they have a specialized Web3 page, which currently lists over 230 jobs, with postings from companies including Argent, Kraken, Rarible,, OpenSea, and Polygon, as well as a variety of smaller crypto startups. The average annual salary for Web3 jobs listed on the site is currently $103,000. 

8. AngelList Talent 

AngelList Talent is one of the internet’s largest and most respected hiring websites for startups and tech companies. They currently have more than 130,000 job postings, including many job listings in the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 space. While the quality of jobs listed on AngelList is excellent, it should be noted that their search function can be somewhat difficult to use. The site currently hosts more than 170 blockchain-related and over 80 crypto-specific jobs. 

9. BuiltIn 

Builtin is another one of the largest tech job boards on the internet today. They focus on a wide array of niche technology jobs, including AI, blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, FinTech, computer hardware, EdTech, data science, and robotics, just to name a few. BuiltIn also has a major focus on remote jobs. 

The company currently works with nearly 34,000 companies to provide a wide scope of job postings for a variety of roles, including engineering, finance, content, design and UX, marketing, legal, operations, product, HR, sales, and more. BuiltIn currently lists 940+ Web3 jobs across 27 companies, including name brands like Consensys, Okcoin, Immutable, Uniswap Labs, TRON DAO, Ripple, Moonpay, OpenSea, Avalanche and 

Unlike many job boards, Builtin focuses on values-based hiring, and allows job seekers to search for companies that focus on values including work-life balance, community engagement, professional development, diversity and inclusion, collaboration, and the provision of childcare benefits. It also has an excellent salary comparison tool. 

10. LinkedIn 

While it may sound like an obvious choice, LinkedIn is still an excellent place to look for jobs, particularly in the blockchain, crypto, and Web3 industries. While the platform has often been criticized for spammy messages and low recruiter response rates, LinkedIn’s effectiveness as a job search tool has significantly increased in recent years, particularly as the labor market has tightened and the demand for employees has increased. 

In fact, LinkedIn is now one of the first places where tech recruiters look for talent, especially due to the fact that user profiles and connections can reveal a lot about a candidate before they even apply. Committed job seekers may even want to consider a LinkedIn Premium account, which allows nearly unlimited connection requests, access to detailed demographic and employee info on thousands of companies, and a significant amount of InMail messages (though these may want to be used with caution). 

Nearly every major crypto, blockchain, and Web3 company now uses LinkedIn for hiring purposes, even if it isn’t always their main hiring method. LinkedIn currently lists nearly 20,000 blockchain-related and more than 10,000 crypto-related jobs in the U.S. alone, making it one of the largest hubs for Web3 hiring. 


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