Apply as an early adopter to scale your project with our novel products and services at significantly discounted rates. First 6 months free for a limited time, sign up now.

What is SNAP?

The Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP) is an incentive program that offers significant discounts on our core products, novel data feeds and VRFs, along with technical support and guidance to early adopters. Our aim is to support Web3 scaling and growth by buffering costs which typically inhibit a company’s success.

Who is SNAP for?

The Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP) is designed to reward promising blockchain projects and companies who integrate with our oracles or VRF. Open to both funded and pre-funding projects across DeFi, GameFi, Web3 media, and more.

The Financial Benefits of SNAP

Free services for 6 months

Free access to oracle and dVRF services for 6 months. No strings attached.

Stake $SUPRA for credits

Stake $SUPRA or any other approved tokens to continue with free services. Unstake anytime.

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