Million Dollar Bitcoin DeFi Accelerator

Join Supra’s Bitcoin DeFi Accelerator worth $1 million dedicated to DeFi dApps across Bitcoin L2s.

Power-up Bitcoin L2 dApps with Supra’s data feeds and verifiable randomness

Bitcoin DeFi is just getting started. Together with your Bitcoin DeFi protocols and Supra’s powerful oracle price feeds and randomness services, we can take the Bitcoin L2 ecosystem to the next level.

The Million Dollar Bitcoin DeFi Accelerator is built to help DeFi protocols across Bitcoin L2s using Supra as their primary oracle.

Price Feed

Supra Oracles

Get access to 460+ price feeds across crypto assets and FX, with equities and sports data coming soon. If you have specific price feeds requests or need help with unique use cases, just reach out to us.


Supra Distributed Verifiable Randomness (dVRF)

Integrate real verifiable, unbiased on-chain randomness into your Bitcoin L2 dApps. Get randomness with low-latency response times to build seamless on-chain experiences like random drops in on-chain gaming, lotteries in SocialFi, DeFi and more.

Supra is expanding across Bitcoin L2s

We are actively expanding our reach across Bitcoin L2s and their DeFi ecosystems, with services live across leading chains and rapidly growing to more.

B2 NetworkbotanixBVMCoreMap ProtocolRolluxSyscoin

Connect with our team on Telegram or Discord

If you need help understanding how we could collaborate, just reach out to our Biz Dev team. We’d love to connect with projects focused on the Bitcoin DeFi landscape and collaborate to grow the space together.

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