Supra’s DORA price feeds successfully deployed on Moonbeam Mainnet

March 07, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra DORA will transform Moonbeam’s data landscape

We are thrilled to announce that Supra’s cutting-edge decentralized Oracle (DORA) price feeds have been successfully deployed on the Moonbeam Mainnet. These feeds bring accurate and reliable price data for DeFi projects to the Moonbeam Mainnet.

Supra’s DORA price feeds are a game-changer for the DeFi ecosystem. They provide real-time, tamper-proof, and highly accurate asset price data, ensuring that your dApps and smart contracts can access the most up-to-date information.

Supra Pioneers Efficient Off-Chain Data Integration in Blockchain

Supra’s DORA (Distributed Oracle Agreement) efficiently integrates off-chain data into blockchain systems, emphasizing data integrity and fault tolerance. It elevates the reliability and effectiveness of smart contracts through node consensus, agreement, and data validity. DORA excels in sourcing and validating data from top-quality sources, a vital asset for blockchain interoperability and data synthesis.

DORA seamlessly integrates with Supra’s Moonshot consensus and distributed VRF, ensuring robust security and exceptional performance in latency, network reliability, and responsiveness to volatile market conditions. Supra’s ongoing HyperNova initiative complements DORA’s capabilities, underscoring the commitment to advancing blockchain data integration.

DORA’s role in bridging deterministic blockchains with real-world data ensures data integrity and relevance, particularly in DeFi, where accurate, real-time data is essential. By focusing on node consensus, termination, agreement, and data validity, DORA enhances the reliability and effectiveness of smart contracts within the Web3 environment, driving innovation and efficiency in the industry.

Moonbeam Integrates DORA Price Feeds

Moonbeam is a pioneering cross-chain application platform that integrates assets and functionality from multiple blockchains. Moonbeam’s connected contracts enable seamless multi-chain dApp deployments, offering fast finality and secure scaling through shared security from the Polkadot Relay chain. 

Developers can leverage familiar Ethereum-based tools, accounts, wallets, and more. This platform fosters rich interoperability, lower gas fees, and a growing ecosystem of applications and projects, making it an ideal dApp development and deployment environment. 

In addition, Moonbeam has integrated Oracle price feeds, supported by Supra’s DORA, enhancing security. Moonbeam developers can now efficiently request real-time price updates, reducing costs for on-chain interactions.

Innovate and Build the Future with Supra

Supra is a leading force in decentralized Web3 services, focusing on scalability, security, and swift on-chain transaction settlement. Our developer toolkit includes a wealth of guides and technical whitepapers, providing essential resources for builders. 

You’re invited to join Supra’s innovative journey and become a valued member of our growing community.

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