SupraOracles syncs with 5 Web3 innovators

January 13, 2023 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is delighted to announce a partnership with Web3 leaders in DeFi, GameFi, management systems, and cybersecurity. SupraOracles has partnered with metaMe, DeQuest, Ookeenga, StakingCabin, and Zokyo.


  • A personal information management service that introduced the world’s first Clean Data Operating System and self-sovereign artificial intelligence (A.I.).
  • Using blockchain, cryptography, and A.I., metaMe converts data into assets known as PODs (Private Obscure Datasets), which people and businesses can own, spend, and trust without needing to rely on third parties.
  • The ability to deliver trustworthy data to the market in a user-controlled and self-sovereign way is a key component of metaMe’s value proposition.
  • metaMe will make extensive use of SupraOracles’ capacity to aggregate data and vouch for the information’s origin, accuracy, and reliability.


  • A reputation-focused gaming platform providing seamless on-boarding, engagement and distribution for Web3 games.
  • DeQuest offers quests with content and activities that enable users to gain a foundational understanding of Web3 gaming and advance their metaverse identity through the Skill Tree.
  • Their GameFi-centric distribution network will allow users to buy bundles that include tokens and NFTs. 
  • SupraOracles will provide DeQuest with oracle services to reflect on token and NFT pricing in a fully decentralized manner, enabling a revolutionary distribution paradigm for the GameFi.


  • A 3D NFT game that is based on the Binance Smart Chain and provides a rich play-own-earn Web3 mobile experience.
  • Ookeenga uses a semi-realistic graphic style that mixes realistic rendering and 3D stylised characters.
  • Using SupraOracles RNG/VRFs, Ookeenga will be able to regulate and optimize the NFT generation process, resulting in a very precise and effective solution that will assure the community and investors that the NFTs are accurate and decentralized.
  • Ookeenga will also employ SupraOracles’s cross-chain interoperability to open additional network and community prospects in future.


  • A validator and staking services provider, experienced in proof-of-stake blockchain protocols.
  • For open blockchain protocols, they provide enterprise-level, highly secure infrastructure services.
  • StakingCabin partners with SupraOracles as a qualified validator and provider of staking services to advance the network’s decentralization, stability, and effectiveness.


  • Zokyo is a security-focused blockchain engineering and technology firm that secures, builds, and funds legendary crypto companies. 
  • Every major protocol (ETH, DOT, APTOS, SUI,, etc.) and programming language (Move, Rust, Solidity, etc.) is covered by Zokyo’s audits of smart contracts, protocols, crowd-sale token contracts, and custom smart contracts.
  • An all-encompassing security resource, Zokyo offers notable security audits, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment services.
  • Zokyo will offer SurpraOracles the tools to securely implement and scale our operation as a security auditing partner.
  • SupraOracles will offer oracle services to Zokyo that are more interoperable, decentralized, scalable, secure, and definitive.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles aims to connect traditional capital markets with the Web3 environment. We want to give developers a revolutionary set of oracle tools that will make it easy for them to build, deploy, and manage data applications that are fast, reliable, and flexible.

With the help of our developer community and an increasing number of partners, we want to solve the oracle problem and eventually power the future of finance with the help of our developer community.

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