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SupraOracles partners with Raini Studios, a Web3-based game development company

May 01, 2023 - 2 min read

SupraOracles is excited to announce its partnership with Raini Studios. Raini Studios is presently dedicated to developing an immersive play-to-earn game that merges trading cards and a metaverse, seamlessly combining the fantasy world with the cryptoverse. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and captivating storytelling, Raini Studios provides players with an exceptional gaming experience that sets a new standard for the industry.

Raini Studios’ highly anticipated trading card game, The Lords of Light, is a competitive and engaging game that challenges players to test their skills against others in a strategic battle for superiority. Players can collect and lead armies comprising their favorite crypto legends and mythical creatures as they battle for control over the Rainiverse. With a focus on strategy and tactical thinking, The Lords of Light offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience that keeps players engaged for hours.

Raini Studios has partnered with SupraOracles to utilize our RNG/VRF technology. This partnership will enable Raini Studios to ensure transparent and verified randomness on the chain for a live-stream lucky door prize giveaway. 

Additionally, Raini Studios plans to utilize Supra’s oracle services in their upcoming game, Legends of Chromatica, which heavily incorporates RNG elements for player rewards, such as MMO-style loot boxes and rewards. By combining Supra’s VRF solution with dynamic on-chain item generation, Raini Studios aims to provide an unparalleled gaming experience to its players.

The reliability and effectiveness of the RNG/VRF solution are critical to the design and success of their upcoming games. By utilizing SupraOracles’ secure RNG, Raini Studios can assure its users that they receive a fair and equal chance to participate and benefit from the platform’s offerings.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:

We will offer cutting-edge technology to Raini Studios that improves user experience, security, and transparency. Working together will produce a fantastic gaming experience for players.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles aims to connect traditional capital markets with the Web3 environment. Our aim is to provide a revolutionary oracle toolset to the developer community, allowing them to easily construct, deploy, and manage data applications with superior performance, robustness, and agility.

SupraOracles wants to solve the oracle conundrum and eventually power the future of finance with the help of our developer community and an increasing number of partners.

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About Raini Studios

Raini Studios is a game development company that is developing their flagship title, Raini: The Lords of Light, and has created a $RAINI token. $RAINI is a cryptocurrency traded on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and users can stake and receive rewards that can be exchanged for valuable NFTs designed by well-known artists.

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