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Supra Partners #79 – SupraOracles partners with NuLink, a technology that protects anonymity in decentralized apps

January 07, 2022 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is pleased to announce a partnership with NuLink, a privacy-preserving solution for decentralized apps. NuLink’s objective is to provide a system that makes it simple for developers to apply best practices and improve security and privacy.

With this collaboration with NuLink, the NuLink PRE/ABE/IBE network will aid in the development of a more secure distribution mechanism for off-chain data. Endpoint encryption and cryptographic access control are provided by the NuLink platform. Sensitive user data can be safely transmitted from any user platform to cloud or decentralized storage, with access allowed automatically by a policy via proxy re-encryption or attribute-based encryption.

NuLink’s primary offering is decentralized privacy-preserving technology, which is a natural convergence of blockchain and encryption technologies. NuLink provides a comprehensive solution that includes data encryption, key and storage management, inter-blockchain deployment, and much more.

The technological basis of the NuLink technology platform is blockchain, access control (proxy re-encryption, attribute-based encryption), and secure computing (zero-knowledge proof, secure multi-party computation, fully homomorphic encryption). The NuLink network combines the Application Layer, Cryptograph Layer, Storage Layer, Blockchain Layer, and Watcher Network. SupraOracles will develop separate pallets for different eco-chains using NuLink’s watcher network, allowing SUPRA to access additional applications and users.

David Jiao, CEO of NuLink, commented:
The NuLink team is well-positioned to execute on providing the finest available solutions, and we are excited to work with SupraOracles. We also seek to create a system that makes it simple for developers to apply best practices and best-in-class security and privacy.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:
NuLink is an excellent example of privacy-preserving technology for distributed applications. As a result, access to important data and statistics from off-chain data sources will be required. We take delight in providing NuLink with services that will help them get critical data and continue to develop innovative solutions.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles bridges the gap between traditional financial markets and the Web 3.0 environment. Their objective is to empower the developer community by offering a powerful cross-chain oracle. SupraOracles connects real-world data to public and private chains, enabling interoperable smart contracts to protect financial markets’ future. It also provides developers with a toolset for creating, deploying, and maintaining quicker, more agile, and more resilient data applications.

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About NuLink

Through APIs, NuLink provides privacy-preserving technology for decentralized apps. NuLink makes it simple for developers, startups, small companies, and corporations to create their own apps that adhere to the most stringent security and privacy standards.

NuLink is on a mission to provide a system that makes it simple for developers to apply best practices and best-in-class security and privacy. Owners of sensitive data, regardless of where it is held, should have control over access to it — which is why NuLink enables you to secure data and simply share access to it, whether it is your health information or NFTs.

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