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SupraPartners #145 – SupraOracles partners with MetaGameHub DAO to make NFTs accessible and transparent for everyone

April 18, 2022 - 3 min read

SupraOracles announces a new partnership with MetaGameHub DAO, the hub for open metaverse experiences. It focuses on acquiring metaverse assets and developing metaverse infrastructure and tools.

MetaGameHub aims to be the go-to metaverse aggregator, offering metaverse development and a variety of data-driven tools to help the open metaverse grow. One of MetaGameHub’s main goals is to create a decentralized state by creating numerous projects and experiences in the most significant virtual worlds. 

The governance and utility token of MetaGameHub is MGH. Users must hold MGH tokens for being eligible to participate in its governance. The MetaGameHub DAO provides its token holders access to various tools, products, and services. In addition, it is used to exchange value and pay fees for using a certain of MetaGameHub’s dApp universe’s services.

MetaGameHub and SupraOracles have formed a partnership to explore the possibility of developing a consensus method for NFT valuations. Due to the developing metaverse community and growth, there can be a strong need for metaverse-related data in the future. As part of this agreement, SupraOracles will supply accurate data feeds to MetaGameHub. In addition, our cutting-edge oracle services will also be offered to MetaGameHub.

Nicolas Weber, Founder of MetaGameHub DAO, commented:
The Metaverse is thriving, and it will continue to do so. In order to provide intuitive data tools and land valuation in the metaverse, we need accurate pricing feeds. MetaGameHub is looking forward to collaborating with SupraOracles and utilizing their real-time data streams.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:
We’re excited to put our in-house rapid finality and pricing feeds to work for a promising project. MetaGameHub provides metaverse design services in a variety of metaverses. Their creation is exceptional, and we are interested in working with them throughout its existence as needed.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles is committed to curating products that will help bridge the gap between traditional capital systems and the web3 ecosystem. With this mission in mind, developers access a dynamic cross-chain oracle and the toolset they need to seamlessly curate, launch, and manage data applications. That is in addition to SupraOracles helping with providing real-world data to public and private chains.

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About MetaGameHub DAO

The MetaGameHub DAO makes NFTs visible and accessible to everyone. MetaGameHub DAO is a holistic ecosystem that integrates utility, governance, and data to allow transparent NFT valuation and curation inside the metaverse.

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