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SupraPartners #171 – SupraOracles partners with Glight Network to decentralize film financing platform

May 25, 2022 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is pleased to announce a partnership with Glight Network, a blockchain-based gamified film NFTs creation, and distribution system. Greenlight’s major purpose for itself is to definitively boost innovation within the film industry across numerous global film marketplaces. In addition, Greenlight is motivated by and concerned about the film’s future. Therefore, producers, directors, various filming crews, actors, screenwriters, editors, and moviegoers are all invited by Glight Network to form a tight-knit community.

Hollywood film production companies and producers will be able to release new film NFT collections via the Greenlight launchpad. NFT collections include characters, EPKs, behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, and, most importantly, artworks and promotional material, which will be transformed into eye-catching NFTs as stand-alone and independent artworks.

Greenlight NFT will be available on all of the major NFT exchanges. Glight Network’s utility token is GLI. The Greenlight community is powered by the $GLI token, which allows users to be rewarded for their engagement. They intend to enrich the portfolios of GLI token holders by combining the vastly better resources and skills of the cinematic universe with fledgling digital artists to carve out a niche in this developing market and create unique films. 

SupraOracles will offer Glight Network with data on viewership of various movies off-chain and on-chain, as well as consumer insights data for various films. In addition, SupraOracles will also provide Oracle data feeds for authentic NFT price feeds to Glight Network.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:
Greenlight allows filmmakers to use content and art developed during the production of films to create digital art NFTs. They are a fantastic partner with whom we can offer our oracle services.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles connects the worlds of traditional financial markets and web3. By providing a strong cross-chain oracle, we hope to empower the developer community. SupraOracles combines real-world data to public and private blockchains, enabling interoperable smart contracts to safeguard the future of financial markets. It also gives developers a toolbox for creating, deploying, and managing data applications that are faster, more agile, and more reliable.

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About Glight Network

Greenlight is a gamified film NFTs creation and distribution system based on the blockchain. Using $GLI Solana network tokens, Greenlight has created a rewards, engagement, community governance, and incentive system. The Greenlight portal will publish and sell these NFTs, as well as make them available for use in other gaming platforms.

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