SupraPartners #191 – SupraOracles partners with DareNFT to increase exposure for the NFT gaming sector

June 24, 2022 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is excited to partner with DareNFT, a next-generation decentralized gaming launchpad that’s expanding into a Web 3.0 metaverse to increase NFT interaction across the digital landscape. DarePlay has released a new societal metaverse to allow players to interact in a self-sufficient decentralized environment that embraces the NFT 2.0 protocol.

DareNFT is branching into new ways of interacting with NFT after releasing DarePlay, which amasses users under a single metaverse while providing blockchain native use cases such as NFT trading and DeFi. Additionally, DarePlay becomes a GameFi gaming aggregator and develops the new NFT economy to help re-write and redistribute existing NFT standards.

SupraOracles will implement its decentralized oracle services and bolster the availability and selectiveness of the in-platform marketplace. Additionally, SupraOracles will ensure the new marketplace has reliable data feeds that further helps the network facilitate trustworthy NFT assets throughout the ecosystem. SupraOracles will thus become a network enabler by using its chain-agnostic toolkit to render price feeds for multiple existing marketplaces.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented: 
“NFTs have successfully entered a network effect. NFT 2.0s are the next stepping stone that is slowly being integrated into new metaverse creations. DarePlay is the next marketplace frontier for NFTs, and we are thrilled to be the only decentralized cross-chain oracle providers to facilitate such access.”

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles strives to bridge the gap between traditional capital markets and the Web3 ecosystem. Our driving mission is to empower the developer community with a novel oracle toolset so that they may conveniently create, deploy, and manage data applications with superior performance, robustness, and agility.

Our project is supported by seasoned professionals with experience in the architecture of consensus mechanisms, randomness research, real-time data services, investment banking, digital securities, traditional stock exchanges, big data, doctoral academia, big 4 consulting, blockchain/DLT, and DeFi.

Together with our developer community and growing list of partners, SupraOracles aims to solve the oracle dilemma and ultimately, power the future of finance.

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About DareNFT

DareNFT is the universal NFT 2.0 protocol for Digital Assets. The mainstream adoption of NFTs depends on their ability to wholly reflect the benefits of digital assets. DareNFT has developed a suite of products that solve the current problems of NFT 1.0, which are: Unrecognized benefits between NFTs, Unrecognized relationships between NFT owners, and hidden risks of NFT Ownership. Our first product is DarePlay, the GameFi platform offering INO & IGO launchpad for NFT games, Rent-to-Earn and Lease-to-Earn marketplaces for in-game items NFT, and an NFTifying service for non-NFT games, so-called NFT-as-a-Service. We have plans to move further with the derivative NFT content platform after our first product has been completely built and well-positioned in the market.

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