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SupraPartners #228 – SupraOracles partners with Babylons, a leading NFT platform

August 19, 2022 - 2 min read

SupraOracles is delighted to announce a partnership with Babylons. Babylons is a blockchain game aggregator on BSC with minimal gas prices and a pioneering next-generation community-governed NFT marketplace.

Babylons is intended to be a decentralized autonomous organization administered by the community. Babylons is a quick transaction and user-friendly minting platform where users can make green NFTs, collect from incredible artists, and exchange their favorite game NFTs with other players while participating in a fully functional DAO. 

On Babylons dApps, creators can tokenize their creations to track, validate, and show their scarcity, validity, and ownership history. When an NFT changes ownership, royalties go back to the original creator. Collectors can place bids on auctions and trade valuable digital products. Using Babylon’s smart contract technology, creators can integrate any promotional material as unlocking content bound to their NFT.

The platform’s governance token is $BABI. It is a digital asset that is fungible and deflationary. Babylons employ the $BABI governance token to function, receive rewards, and socialize in a vibrant, intensely engaging community.

SupraOracles will provide data feeds to Babylons through this partnership. In addition, SupraOracles will also offer oracle services per their needs to strengthen and secure Babylons’ NFT marketplace.

Furkan Özalp, Co-founder of Babylons, commented:
Babylons is a next-generation NFT marketplace featuring low-cost minting, weekly prizes, and community-driven DAO governance. To increase the attractiveness of our NFT marketplace, we want to leverage their innovative oracle toolkits.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:
The ideal GameFi hotspot is being built. Babylons will always have access to the resources they need to succeed from SupraOracles. NFTs are poised to take off in the near future.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles intends to bridge the gap between conventional finance markets and Web3. Our primary objective is to give a new Oracle toolset to the developer community, enabling them to rapidly design, deploy, and manage data applications with improved performance, scalability, and resilience.

Our team consists of professionals in consensus mechanism design, randomness research, real-time data services, investment banking, digital securities, traditional stock exchanges, big data, Ph.D.-level academics, big four consulting firms, blockchain/DLT, and DeFi.

SupraOracles intends to address the Oracle problem and ultimately power the future of finance in collaboration with our developer community and a growing number of partners.

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About Babylons

Babylons is the ideal GameFi destination, Launchpad, blockchain tool provider, and NFT platform with 100+ gaming partners and a young and active GameFi fan base. Babylons offers its gaming partners customized INO hosting, IDO hosting, secondary sales services, and blockchain infrastructure. The vibrant gaming community on Babylons is eager to engage in new gaming projects’ private, public token sales and initial decentralized offerings. At the same time, the platform’s novel features strive to democratize this process.

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