SupraOracles partners with 5 ambitious Web3 platforms

January 27, 2023 - 3 min read

SupraOracles is delighted to announce partnerships with innovative blockchain-based platforms in the decentralized finance, gaming, and educational sectors. Our latest partners are Cryptocurrency Academy, CrossSpace, Immersively, BornToDieGame, and Galaxy Finance.

Cryptocurrency Academy

  • A comprehensive educational resource for cryptocurrency and digital asset traders, investors, and developers.
  • Cryptocurrency Academy also offers trading and investing courses, including charting trends and fundamental analysis, helping users construct data-driven trading strategies. 
  • In our collaborative marketing efforts, Cryptocurrency Academy and SupraOracles will introduce and raise public awareness about the oracle dilemma and how our groundbreaking oracle products solve it.
  • As a result of the partnership, online and offline educational programs will be funded, created, and distributed by SupraOracles, Cryptocurrency Academy, and our affiliate partners.
  • SupraOracles will also help Cryptocurrency Academy in establishing and expanding their footprint in the rapidly-expanding African market.


  • CrossSpace is a social and gamified Web3 networking and collaboration tool.
  • The goal is to establish a welcoming and engaging social environment in which individuals and projects can interact within the Web3 ecosystem.
  • CrossSpace has created an architecture that enables Web3 participants to create profiles, socialize, collaborate, and gain on-chain recognition.
  • SupraOracles will assist CrossSpace in creating cross-chain bridges for the liquidity of NFTs and a variety of exciting tokens, unlocking the potential of their utility.
  • CrossSpace will use real-world data and crypto price feeds secured by Supra’s next-generation oracles.


  • MMERSiVELY is a company that creates bespoke augmented reality (AR) apps, solutions, and platforms for use in all types of businesses, including the creation and development of metaworlds and metaverses.
  • SupraOracles and iMMERSiVELY will engage in co-marketing and branding campaigns as part of the industry’s transition into offering metaverse experiences for their worldwide portfolio of real estate assets.
  • SupraOracles will provide oracle services and VRF/RNG for iMMERSiVELY in order to provide their users with the most robust toolkit for implementing secure and decentralized price feeds.


  • BornToDieGame is a metaverse experience, taking users on an augmented reality-based journey that exists outside the bounds of our everyday lives.
  • Prominent stakeholders have backed this game’s development, and it has both in-game incentives that can be obtained through NFT drops and cash-outs in the form of BTDG tokens.
  • SupraOracles will assist them with RNG/VRFs for NFTs, GameFi, and metaverse-related oracle services.
  • Additionally, SupraOracles will help BornToDieGame with native oracles for price feeds, dynamic NFTs, migrating user data between chains, similar initiatives, and cross-chain bridges.

Galaxy Finance

  • Galaxy Finance is a social wallet for Web3.
  • They offer a user-friendly, comprehensive solution that goes above and beyond a simple wallet with basic coins/NFTs storage and transfer functionality, making it especially suited for non-crypto natives.
  • Galaxy Finance aims to provide effective, open, and transparent financial services worldwide to as many people as possible.
  • SupraOracles will help Galaxy Finance create cross-chain bridges for their wallet and other applications, as well as provide them with the latest price feeds via our decentralized oracle networks.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles aims to connect traditional capital markets with Web3 ecosystems. We are giving developers a revolutionary set of oracle tools and VRF/RNG services that will make it easy for them to build, deploy, and manage data applications that are fast, reliable, and flexible.

With the help of our research team, developer community, and an increasing number of partners, we want to solve the oracle dilemma and eventually power the future of finance by laying the foundations of its infrastructure.

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