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SupraPartners #242 – SupraOracles is partnering with Arena Games platform, bringing traditional games into the GameFi world

September 07, 2022 - 4 min read

SupraOracles is excited to partner with Arena Games – the pinnacle of blockchain gaming technology. Standing as the fastest and easiest way to venture into Web3 gaming, from the traditional setup, the platform serves to link developers, gamers, and potential ambassadors, availing them the necessary tools to make the transition into the world of GameFi. 

In a more detailed sense, Arena Games is a Web3 mobile games platform whose framework allows game developers and players in a unique ecosystem. 

The said ecosystem allows both parties to interact securely and straightforwardly, bridging the gap between gaming and blockchain technology. As such, developers avail gamers with an eccentric full-stack solution that allows them to revel in their games while benefiting from the decentralized and automated rostra. 

Conversely, gamers can proffer suggestions concerning the most recent developments. By offering well-opined suggestions, developers are able to alter, finetune, and improve the gaming experience for the average gamers.

Be that as it may, users, as soon as they step into Arena Games, get introduced to 5 key features that help regulate and diversify the ecosystem, making it stand out amongst other platforms. 

The first feature, one coin, is perhaps the most crucial feature distinct to the platform. Where in the past, gamers were limited by centralized platforms with equally complex payment systems, they can now revel in the benefits of tokenization, utilizing one coin for all games on the platform. In addition, this accounts for increased transparency and security, given that the operating platform is decentralized. 

Gamers can also select different modes to game in through the modes integration function. This allows them to choose between free-to-play, play-to-win, and play-to-earn, the outcome being precisely as each name denotes.

Next up is the NFT marketplace – a statement piece, given how high demand NFTs are currently. Here, gamers can trade or exchange their in-game rewards, assets, bonuses, and gears for fiat currencies on any supported DeFi exchange platform. 

Furthermore, gamers can quickly log into their accounts on the website through the “one-click” feature. Unlike traditional gaming, where you have to repeatedly fill in your login details before gaining access to your gaming profile, a simple click of a button unlocks everything. Lastly, Arena Games comes with an on-site E-wallet for easy deposits and withdrawals. The E-wallet also gears gamers towards staking and voting features. 

On the other side, you can join the project solely as an ambassador. All you have to do is fill out the requirements, which house key details, including your social media and platform link, as well as a statement regarding how you will influence and help the project.

Mikheil Didebulidze, CEO and Co-founder of Arena Games, commented:
“By building a top tier web3 gaming platform, we are contributing to the fast and secure transition of Web2 games to the GameFi world. We are implementing a complete set of Web3 tools, AI integrations, scholarship programs, community voting, and a totally circular economy. It will include diverse game modes, therefore guiding both traditional game devs and players to an enjoyable experience in the decentralized world.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of SupraOracles, commented:
Arena Master intends to create a mobile gaming platform that compensates users for their time and educates them about the amazing potential available in the gaming sector. The blockchain game industry will be led by such remarkable creativity. We are delighted to provide them with our oracle solutions.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles aims to bridge the gap between traditional capital markets and Web3. Our primary goal is to deliver a new Oracle toolset to the developer community, allowing them to quickly build, deploy, and manage data applications with greater performance, robustness, and agility.

Our team comprises experts in consensus mechanism design, randomness research, real-time data services, investment banking, digital securities, traditional stock exchanges, big data, Ph.D. academics, big 4 consulting, blockchain/DLT, and DeFi.

SupraOracles wants to address the oracle issue and eventually power the future of finance in partnership with our developer community and an expanding number of partners.

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About Arena Games

Arena Games is a Web3 multiplayer mobile games platform connecting game developers and players in a simple and safe mode. Our full-stack solution provides easy access to a wide range of blockchain gaming technologies for both existing and new games on Web 2.0

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