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Supra Insights Vol. 4 – A Bear Market June, but SupraOracles Boom

July 02, 2021 - 3 min read

June was an extraordinary month for us here at, because we’ve grown in both hires, contributor backing, business partnerships, as well as organizationally.

Swiss Foundation Finalized

Our foundation (CHE.383.364.961) has been finalized thanks to our legal counsel, MME in Switzerland. This is excellent news as the foundation is the base of our DAO and long-term ecosystem development. It’s excellent to be in the company of other top foundations such as Ethereum Foundation, Web3 Foundation, Tezos Foundation, and more in Switzerland.

Cross-Chain Ecosystem Growth

Last month, we were excited to announce that we had received a grant from the Polygon team to build a bridge for our oracle solutions to service their steadily growing ecosystem. Their focus on blockchain gaming (NFTs, marketplaces, true randomness) is an area that we are looking to service directly.

This month we are continuing the trend of approved grants and are finalizing with some major L1 ecosystems (big announcements soon). We will be servicing these huge networks with our oracle solution and look to become a flagship tool in their DeFi repertoire.

R&D – Computer Science Breakthroughs

We received the following glowing review from one of the professors we’re working with, Dr. David Yin Yang, who has spent 25+ hours with our team to understand our approach alongside Dr. Aniket Kate. This Professor and protocol designer is very well versed in blockchain consensus algorithms.

“Supra is an ambitious and highly innovative blockchain platform. It promises improved robustness to network spamming, MEV attacks, and node capturing from a powerful, state-level adaptive adversary while maintaining low transaction latency and high throughput. I believe that it has much potential to be the go-to place for a random oracle in the era of DeFi, or even an L1 platform on its own.”

– Dr. David Yin Yang, author of LinBFT

Our team has come across several additional insights in the last few weeks through our collaboration with these notable PhDs. The reason why this is such a “big deal” is that these academics have qualified that certain techniques we’ve innovated may actually be considered computer science breakthroughs.

DeFi Landscape Survey

Following from above, we have published a survey to pinpoint specific DeFi projects that are currently, or will be, using Oracles in some fashion. We are lucky to have support from our contributors who are sharing this with specific portfolio projects in mind as well as distribution to organizations like TribeX, the Monetary Authority of Singapore back incubator/accelerator, and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

The link to the survey can be found here, and we invite you to participate if you understand the importance of oracles for the growth of the DeFi ecosystem. Even better, it would be wonderful if you can get this survey in the hands of your DeFi projects’ technical leaders:

Once we have enough respondents, we will be sharing this data in a detailed report that we will send back by email to everyone who completes our survey. We’d greatly appreciate it if you could complete this survey and share it with the community at large.

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