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Supra Insights Vol. 2 – April Showers Bring May Flowers

May 03, 2021 - 3 min read

We appreciate your patience as we have been steadily BUIDLing up the team, product, corporate structure over the last several months. MME out of Switzerland is helping us set up our Swiss Foundation as recommended by CV Labs. Setting up the foundation was a decision from our team to take the long-term approach to make sure the “foundation” of Supra-Oracles is sound. We’re still several months away from this, but the process is now underway.

Here are some of our accomplishments across the last few months:

1. Hashed out of Korea have committed to leading our seed and are playing a very key role in helping gauge strategic value add of varying investor groups as well as bringing in some other unnamed entities to hold lead.

2. Hypersphere Ventures, created by a co-founder of Polkadot – Robert Habermeier, has also contributed to seed and is now accelerating our Web3 Foundation partnership along with making many amazing introductions lately.

3. Ed Rainer has finished his 2 months notice at ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) and will be shifting from his work full-time in Supra-Oracles applications of enterprise use-cases. Along the same vein, Heslin Kim will be joining full-time and shifting from an advisory capacity to C-suite executive. We have been on a hiring spree lately, and are in the midst of signing many newly invigorated, intelligent researchers, developers, and operations team members. (We would appreciate any extra help in our hiring endeavors)

4. In parallel, we have some researchers explicitly analyzing DeFi use cases that are only really possible on a high-throughput L1 with native Oracles. As you might know, our go-to-market is to focus on providing a credibly neutral Oracle middleware, and in the long run, we hope to become the EVM-compatible cross-chain bridge for oracle integrations. While we prepare the Supra network, we’re also exploring DeFi primitives and will be publishing papers from our R&D Lab elucidating these powerful concepts.

5. Several of our grant proposals, past the current $1m in total that have been received, are moving forward with various other ecosystems. We are in the final stages here so that we can begin building our multi-chain bridges supported by each of the major chains themselves.

We will be providing you further updates in the coming weeks. We are very much looking forward to going 100% into BUIDLing mode!

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