Supra partners with Remedi to offer immediate healthcare services via payment plans

March 28, 2024 - 3 min read

Supra is thrilled to announce a partnership with Remedi, a pioneering Unified Finance (UniFi) solution merging the best parts of TradFi & DeFi. Remedi is also a pioneer in merging open banking with onchain finance to create a VISA disruptor, Remedi Accounts, a powerful on-chain credit card. Perhaps most importantly, Remedi is disrupting the healthcare industry by helping clients securely pay for medical tourism services.

The core engine OASIS (Onchain Asset Securitization Infrastructure) helps businesses tailor and offer financial services directly to their end-users without any intermediaries—removing the banks from the equation.

Specifically, Remedi is “vampire attacking” TradFi in the healthcare vertical, where digitalization is at its lowest while modern financial services are mostly needed. Remedi recently launched its go-to-market product at WebSummit Qatar: the first BNPL in the $145B niche of medical tourism. In addition, Remedi is preparing for its token launch in the coming months.

Remedi revolutionizes medical tourism by providing clinics with a payment solution that attracts international patients through flexible, affordable monthly plans. This model ensures clinics are paid upfront, with Remedi covering the financial risk, thus expanding clinics’ global patient base and revenue without extra costs. 

Patients benefit from accessible medical treatments abroad, facilitated by easy prequalification and various payment options. Remedi makes high-quality healthcare more attainable and financially feasible for people worldwide.

The partnership leverages Supra’s provision of reliable price data and friendly interfaces for development, a crucial component of Remedi’s protocol, which requires real-time SUI price information for managing user positions with borrowing and liquidation operations. Supra’s reliable services will empower Remedi with the accurate, real-time financial data necessary for innovative financial solutions.

This partnership between Supra and Remedi signifies a collaborative effort towards creating a more accessible, efficient, and decentralized financial ecosystem.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-founder of Supra, commented:

We are excited to partner with Remedi, aligning our tech to enhance financial services. This collaboration empowers both companies to innovate and democratize finance. We will blend our tech with their payment plans to transform healthcare finance and user experiences.

Erdem Yagan, Strategy and Growth lead of Remedi, commented:

Teaming up with Supra is a key step for Remedi, leveraging their reliable data to enrich our platform. It’s a major move towards our goal of reshaping finance, ensuring a direct and beneficial link between merchants and consumers.

About Supra

Supra is at the forefront of bridging traditional financial markets with the Web3 ecosystem, providing a powerful cross-chain oracle to the developer community. By ensuring the interoperability of smart contracts and integrating real-world data into blockchain networks, Supra aims to guarantee the future of financial markets. 

Our comprehensive Oracle toolset enables developers to create, deploy, and manage faster, more agile, and resilient data applications, driving innovation in the financial sector.

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About Remedi

Remedi is transforming healthcare payments by offering flexible, patient-focused payment plans that allow immediate access to treatments with deferred payments. This approach boosts patient care access and supports clinics with better cash flow and reduced financial risks.

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