Supra’s DORA price feeds are officially launched on Celo Mainnet

March 22, 2024 - 2 min read

Supra’s DORA Supra bolsters data integrity for Celo dApps.

We are excited to announce that Supra’s DORA price feeds are now officially available on the Celo Mainnet. This development marks a significant step in improving data accessibility and reliability within the Celo community. 

The key advantages of Supra’s DORA Price Feeds on Celo Mainnet include real-time data access, enhanced reliability, easy integration for developers, and improved data accessibility for users and applications. It empowers various blockchain projects, improving their data needs in DeFi, NFT markets, or other applications.

Supra Enhances Interoperability Stack

Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) is a groundbreaking innovation that enhances blockchain interoperability by seamlessly integrating real-world data. DORA achieves this through interconnected nodes that prioritize data integrity and fault tolerance, critical for the effectiveness of smart contracts in the Web3 environment.

DORA aligns seamlessly with Supra’s Moonshot consensus mechanism and the distributed VRF, bolstering security and efficiency, especially in volatile market conditions. It addresses significant challenges in Oracle networks, ensuring the precision and reliability of data from various external sources.

Furthermore, DORA is crucial in mitigating challenges like Byzantine faults, focusing on node consensus, termination, agreement, and data validity. Supra’s ongoing HyperNova initiative signifies further technological advancements, aiming to establish a bridgeless cross-chain consensus mechanism. This positions DORA as a pivotal tool in validating and efficiently communicating data in the blockchain ecosystem.

Celo Integrates DORA Price Feeds

Celo stands out in the blockchain landscape as a mobile-first, EVM-compatible, Proof of Stake Layer 1 network. It is making a transition to Ethereum Layer-2. They aim to scale Ethereum with real-world solutions, fostering a thriving digital economy accessible to all. 

Celo offers benefits like mobile DeFi for smartphone users and support for building dApps. Its global ecosystem includes over 1,000 projects from 150+ countries working towards creating prosperity for everyone. 

Moreover, Supra’s DORA-powered Oracle price feeds are now accessible for smart contracts on the Celo Mainnet, ensuring heightened security and cost-efficiency. These feeds offer on-demand updates, reducing unnecessary expenses and providing flexibility for developers.

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