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Supra Insights Vol. 7 – Wake Me Up When September Ends

October 01, 2021 - 7 min read

Was anyone else surprised this month to hear about the China FUD? Tis the season. Obviously, the markets are more resilient than ever now to this type of news and we’re all the better for it. As decentralization progresses, regulation becomes further defined, and as we move forward with educating the masses we will slowly shift into the new paradigm where people will realize their self-sovereignty through self-custody. We are thrilled to contribute to this movement and urge everyone to do their part in helping make DeFi a “safe space” for no-coiners to find financial freedom. One aspect of our go-to-market is cultivating social change, and our team at large is tasked with finding individual mission statements for how to better the space. As a SupraOracles #earlybird and external family/team member, we urge you to do the same. Join like-minded individuals and start your own Supra Mission with others in your SupraOracle’s Telegram community.

130+ Partnerships in Total

In the last month, we have written joint press release announcements with over 13 of our partners in the industry. I’m sure you might be wondering how we are turning over this many partnerships on such a frequent basis. Our internal team has targeted steep OKRs to make sure we are generating partnerships across the industry. Luckily, the majority of us have been in the space for several years and these connections come quite easily. It’s important that you know and trust the individuals you are working with, especially in a space where anonymity and potential deleterious interactions are rampant. Because we all have our own very large personal networks, we are able to extend these relationships into structured partnerships thanks to the faith and confidence these projects have in us.

These 13 partnerships we have already brought forth to the public are just the tip of the iceberg in a much anticipated queueing of press releases we have in store. Did you happen to miss any of our previously announced partnerships or catch our Tweets? To read further on any of them check out these links:

1. Drife – a blockchain ride-hailing app
2. Allbridge – a crosschain bridge native to Solana
3. Swaperry – a prediction trading DEX
4. SpiderDAO – a decentralized VPN
5. SoccerHub – a football inspired GameFi platform
6. credefi – an SME borrowing/lending platform
7. IXSwap – a P2P STO trading DEX
8. Strips Finance – an exchange for interest rate swaps onchain
9. MetisDAO – an Ethereum scaling solution
10. DeFinity – an exchange for tokenized forex
11. InsurAce – a crosschain insurance platform
12. DeathRoad – a GameFi project with clashing cars
13. Bunicorn – a BSC based DEX and Pokemon like card trading game

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Our team has made significant advancements in grant support from a number of strong projects ranging from Tezos, Dfinity, NEAR Protocol, Zilliqa, and Polygon. We have for the time being slowed down on our discussions in order to prioritize the top 15 chains based on TVL and total transaction volume. It’s important for us to service the chains with the most demand first in order to better service all of our potential partners and clients. Over time, we do plan to service as many chains as possible and will do our best to expedite this process.

Within the last month, we have been heavily focused on what long-term growth looks like for us as a technology and network. It’s quite obvious that servicing all public blockchains that have general adoption is the lowest hanging fruit. However, with several of our team members coming from institutional backgrounds and having watched enterprise proof of concept models with DLTs, it was apparent there was a sector that was underserviced with a simplified oracle business model. As things develop further in this realm we will be sure to elaborate and release new partnerships announcements.

Strategic Round Filtration

We have been inundated with requests from different groups about potential opportunities with SupraOracles, and we highly appreciate everyone’s interest and support. The groups we have chosen to join our long-term Supra family in pre-seed and seed are incredible value-adds that will not only help Supra scale immensely in multiple business sectors, but also provide deep technical guidance as we launch the network. It’s important to us that any group we work with has been carefully selected based on our strict matrix criteria due to the overwhelming interest that has been garnered. These groups chosen are extensions of our own team/family more so than for what transient value they may have contributed in the meantime. We are more than lucky to have the opportunity to have handpicked some of the best teams and corporations globally who will help drive Supra to its success. The announcement for this is pending, but we will be thrilled for our #earlybird supporters to know who else has been backing us for the last several months. It’s beyond exciting.

We are only working with firms that envision an ecosystem on top of Supra and can help facilitate that. Luckily, we are working with fantastic groups who are helping generate significant amounts of traction and leads for us on a weekly basis. Does your fund and network have a large enough reach where you think you would be able to outpace others in the industry? If so, feel free to reach out. Even though we have over $35m in commitments, we are only taking the best of the best.

Community Growth & Marketing

The marketing team has been ramping up our efforts towards organically building up our various social community channels via co-marketing with partners who are keen on integrating our oracle solution and/or cross-chain bridges in the future.

Over the last 28 days, our communities have experienced the following growth:

  • Twitter followers: +241%
  • Telegram Global group: +82%
  • LinkedIn followers: +30%

In addition, at the beginning of September is when we started community building for local languages such as Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. As of this writing, our TG communities have experienced a strong start with a total of 2,780 members for these localized languages (excludes our Global TG channel).

Our co-marketing campaigns are achieving 3 partnership announcements per week and we’re already booked until mid-November at the same cadence!

Other highlights on our marketing activity:

Creative Direction and Art

At Supra we understand the importance of building a strong brand. Therefore, we have begun laying down the foundation of building our brand by first defining our identity, from individual executives to the company as a whole.

We recently hired a creative director who spent the last seven years directing the brand of the gaming company Razer. He has been helping Supra shape our identity through clarifying our target audience, mission statement, and overall vision.

As an Oracle, we will be servicing many different kinds of developers and institutions from Corporate to DeFi and the future Metaverse, therefore it is important for us to build a brand that can include each of these personas.

Our creative team is now eight people strong. From UI/UX, Motion Graphics, and graphic designers. As we continue to shape our brand, we will utilize our creative talents to help visualize how Supra is not only the better solution but also instill our deepest core values and vision to the world 

Product and Technical Growth

In the Oracle space, security and performance absolutely matter. Our technical researchers have identified 3 optimizations that’ll help us provide blazing speeds to the projects we service, while never sacrificing our security and liveness guarantees. In the last 4 weeks, we’ve discovered some “secret optimization techniques” that allow us to process more requests concurrently with better throughput and faster latency.

Additionally, we are pioneering some methodologies to strongly mitigate Miner Extractable Value (MEV), which will make it near impossible for large trading firms to unfairly front-run DeFi users, thereby leveling the playing field for all. More to discuss and share on this front soon as we come out of our stealth mode in the next several weeks and begin widely circulating and translating our technology.

Your support is how we thrive! Join us today to make a difference.

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The team at SupraOracles is technologically sharp but also diverse, inclusive, and human-focused. We care as passionately about our team as we do making decentralized finance a reality. We want you to join us in programming the financial infrastructure of the future. If you’re seeking a career, and in sync with our vision, please do enter our Careers page.


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