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Supra Insights Vol 6. – Good Morning Vietnam!

September 01, 2021 - 5 min read

August for SupraOracles has been a whirlwind of incredible activity. Have you ever gone to an amusement park and shown up on a day when there were no lines? That’s what August felt like for us at SupraOracles: everything has fallen into place better than we could have imagined all month long. The team could not be more grateful for the overwhelming support from developers, the community, and investors who have flooded in. We are happy to continue BUIDLing our product and this community, for you!

85+ Partnerships Total

Our Go-To-Market strategy really went into full swing once our Mastercard announcement went live and was leveraged heavily by our relentless business development team which has clearly yielded some incredible KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for our internal partnership goals. In the first 12 hours alone, the article reached over 15MM + reach and was distributed to publications such as:

These partnerships cover a range of target clientele for SupraOracles: node operators, data providers, and oracle consumers. Their insight into the necessities for oracles has been pivotal in our approach to curating new types of data that oracle incumbents are not currently serving, improving developer documentation, and enhancing the UI/UX for seamless cross-chain activity. There are a number of pain points we have found that resonate across the sector, and our GTM strategy is homing in on these directly.

Would you like to contribute your opinion to the growth of our success? We urge you to help fill out this developer survey here. After this survey is populated with enough results, we will be compiling a report and sharing it directly back with you, the contributors.

Zilliqa and NEAR Protocol Grants to Further Cross-Chain Interoperability

In the last several months we have been welcomed with arms wide open into many layer one ecosystems. Thus far, we have announced grants from Tezos, Dfinity, and Polygon. Our grant partnerships in total now add up to a staggering sum of over $1,300,000 USD in grants, credits, and awards. We told you were are aiming to bridge the entire industry, which means we certainly are not stopping here. It takes continuous work to make sure we are properly serving as many developers with toolkits, SDKs, APIs, and the necessary documentation to make sure that implementing SupraOracles is easy enough for even the most novice developers to implement. We are making SupraOracles elegantly simple.

After speaking in-depth with a couple of other promising layer 1’s on the many initiatives, we’ve graciously accepted another couple of grants. This time the grants have come from the teams at Zilliqa and NEAR Protocol. These are exciting partnerships to develop for us and we couldn’t be happier to be of service!


The marketing team has been concentrating its efforts on building out strong foundations in order to achieve the short and long-term goals of our ambitious organization. To start, as we begin to come out of stealth mode and work on building up our community with a constant stream of great news, our website is now geared up to gather audience data and insights via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. This will allow us to make data-driven marketing decisions based on our visitors’ activities onsite.

In addition, we have been diving deep into finding the best marketing agencies that will be long-term partners with us, rather than the standard client relationship. In doing so, we are assessing the relationships based on conversations with the executive team, reputation in the market, results from past or current clients, services offered and whether it fits our current scope, and reference checks. As of this writing, we have decided who these marketing agency partners are and will begin the onboarding processing early next week.

Finally, through the incredible work initiated by the BD team, our marketing team has partnership announcements queued up for all of September and will be ramping up the weekly cadence for October. Please continue to look for our announcements to like and share with your network!

Growth in Vietnam

We are thrilled to have organic growth in one of our favorite countries, Vietnam! The team at CryptoViet was kind enough to post this infographic on Twittera full blog report, and a streaming video on YouTube. To be honest, this led to the explosive growth of our Vietnamese community! Trust us, we hugely appreciate this as typically these are paid marketing services rendered by different groups. For us, this was entirely organic so that was a very pleasant surprise to see how adamant our communities already are to get involved with what we are doing. We fully support more initiatives like this in other regions.

Recent Technical Breakthroughs, More Speed, Less Latency!

In the final minute, we’re excited to mention that we’ve had several technical breakthroughs in the last few months that’ll shave off seconds of latency from our service. These optimizations are both a result of clever architectural updates to how we handle external APIs and WebSockets, as well as a major breakthrough with our novel consensus algorithm. Security and speed are our friends. We’re really excited to share these approaches with the overall community soon, in the meantime, we have several PhDs reviewing them. 🙂

We’re still in stealth for just a bit longer… but we’ll soon be able to share our unique technical approach publicly (in a matter of a few weeks to months).

Your support is how we thrive! Join us today to make a difference.

You want to join the tribe now, right? If you’re more of the interactive type and want to interact live, then come chat with us and your new community on Telegram. Maybe you like Telegram, but also love the Tweetstorms, come follow our Twitter for up-to-date announcements and opinion pieces.

The team at SupraOracles is technologically sharp but also diverse, inclusive, and human-focused. We care as passionately about our team as we do making decentralized finance a reality. We want you to join us in programming the financial infrastructure of the future. If you’re seeking a career, and in sync with our vision, please do enter our Careers page.


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