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Supra Insights Vol. 5 – Traction and Partnerships Galore!

August 05, 2021 - 4 min read

July was good for the markets and even better for us! As many of us expected, the bull run is not over and we still have legs for Q3/Q4. The SupraOracles team is thrilled to be able to continuously bring you great news from our side and updates on our recent and continuous traction.

30+ New Partnerships

We’ve signed over 30 partnerships in July! Our signed partners are a mixture of future node operators, data providers, and DeFi projects that are excited about future SupraOracles integrations.

The BD team has done an incredible job over the last month prepping for our testnet, slated for later this year. Through our investor network, we have connected with an additional 50 projects that we are in discussion with for integrations once testnet is live. Each of these partnerships will be outlined and the relationship will be released over Medium starting over the coming 2 weeks.

Our recently signed partners, which exceeds 30+ now, range from corporate institutions, insurance platforms, and security token providers all the way to DeFi protocols and crypto-native projects.

Cross-Chain Ecosystem Growth

As noted last month we were excited to finalize several grants in July that were not quite ready to be announced. However, after many fruitful discussions with the following foundations, we are happily working towards building bridges from SupraOracles into their infrastructure. In June, we let you know about our Polygon grant.

This month, we have not just one grant to announce, but two. We have gone through deep technical due diligence with both Dfinity and the Tezos Foundation. These grants add up to nearly $250,000USD in additional non-dilutive funding. And, we still have several other grant applications in the works to add to our momentum as we provide our secure service to multiple ecosystems.


The SupraOracles team is just beginning to initiate our social media campaigns. We’ve been in stealth mode for the last few months and are gearing up to show off our innovative technical approaches to the world! We’re working with several marketing firms to launch our growth prior to our Reg D public offering with Republic, which we believe will be towards the end of this year. We will be jumpstarting these social media channels this month of August, and scaling up over the next several months thereafter.

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We look forward to your support!

You may have also noticed we’ve done a bit of rebranding. How do you like our new logo design? We would love to get your feedback.

Mastercard x SupraOracles

SupraOracles has been selected as one of 7 global blockchain startups to join Mastercard’s Start Path program. Congrats to the other startups GK8, Mintable, Taurus SA, Uphold Inc., STACS, & Domain Money. Our team looks forward to expanding and accelerating the growth of digital asset infrastructure for institutions alongside such notable innovators.

After several months of due diligence with the Mastercard team, we were chosen over several oracle incumbents to bring Mastercard’s data to a number of blockchain initiatives merging DeFi, regulatory compliance, and legacy systems. It’s an amazing opportunity to see such a large financial institution place its bets on disintermediation of the settlement layer that it has helped construct. Our role is to help Mastercard better service the DeFi industry at large with its extensive data sets and application layer.

Your support is how we thrive! Join us today to make a difference.

You want to join the tribe now, right? If you’re more of the interactive type and want to interact live, then come chat with us and your new community on Telegram. Maybe you like Telegram, but also love the Tweetstorms, come follow our Twitter for up-to-date announcements and opinion pieces.

The team at SupraOracles is technologically sharp but also diverse, inclusive, and human-focused. We care as passionately about our team as we do making decentralized finance a reality. We want you to join us in programming the financial infrastructure of the future. If you’re seeking a career, and in sync with our vision, please do enter our Careers page.


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