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Supra Insights Vol. 3 – May the Force Be with Us!

June 04, 2021 - 3 min read

Ecosystem GTM Traction & Polygon Grant

We have been in talks with the Polygon team about bringing our oracle solution to their network for some time now. Yesterday, we were awarded a grant to build APIs for data requests. The team at Polygon has been phenomenal and is already queuing DeFi teams to begin introducing us to their network.

As noted this ticks two of the boxes from our multi-tiered GTM approach. A few key points that we have begun and have traction with are as follows:

  • Integrations with Emerging Ecosystems
    • Grants and partnerships as flagship relationships to act as the foundation for growth.
  • Internal Applications
    • Plug and play APIs, 5 lines of code, that provide technical superiority.
    • We’re really excited about rolling out “tools/widgets” as for DeFi product data solutions. For example, onchain analytics, embeddable price feeds, DeFi price indices, cost-savings calculators, WordPress/Joomla plugins, and other useful tools – all “Powered by Supra” – and to tatter our presence all over the web via these useful tools.
  • DeFi Launchpads based on GTM(a)
    • Existing oracles have their strongholds in the market. DeFi participants who are entering the industry at an early stage are still malleable in their toolkits. This developer demographic is our lowest-hanging fruit.

Marketing Strategy

The executive team has been in the midst of hiring a CMO, and we believe we have potentially found a keystone hire. In the meantime, we are fleshing out our holistic marketing strategy.

Supra Team Expansion

Our team has expanded to 23 in the last two months and we are continuing to hire with a tentative target based on budgeting and necessary roles. We have been on a hiring spree consolidating Rust developers, cryptographers (DKG and MPC PhDs, economists, and consensus algorithm researchers).

Dr. Aniket Kate officially collaborating with us now. He’s a well-known cryptographic distributed system researcher and academic. He’s written some seminal works especially on DKG (Distributed Key Generation) and consensus.

Contracts have been signed; we have been in discussions with him for months and last month started our technical collaboration in earnest.

Over time we may engage him further as a chief scientist, but one step at a time.

Traction of GTM(b & c)

Entirely new DeFi primitives are going to be enabled, we already have some researchers working on white papers describing new concepts that will be launched upon Supra when we’re live, for an early look, see the following attached image:

Swiss Foundation

MME has told us our commercial register is now pending, we are within the final stretch for the Swiss non-profit to be 100%.

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