Supra expands DORA price feeds to four additional blockchains

February 21, 2024 - 3 min read

Supra is delighted to announce that our decentralized Oracle (DORA) price feeds are live on four more blockchains. Our latest integrations are with MELD, DFK, Beam, and Avalanche.

These feeds offer up-to-date market data vital for decentralized applications on these platforms. DORA price feeds enable dApps to retrieve necessary information efficiently, eliminating excess data processing. This simplifies operations and cuts transaction costs, benefiting developers and users economically.

Supra Advances Blockchain Interoperability 

Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) represents a significant leap forward in blockchain technology, focusing on interoperability and the integration of real-world data. By effectively gathering and verifying data through a network of interconnected nodes, DORA addresses challenges like Byzantine faults, ensuring data integrity crucial for smart contracts in Web3 environments.

Integrated with Supra’s Moonshot consensus mechanism and distributed VRF, DORA enhances security and efficiency, especially in volatile markets. This integration ensures the accuracy and reliability of data from diverse sources and tackles the challenge of distributed agreement in Oracle networks. Additionally, Supra’s ongoing HyperNova initiative aims to develop a seamless cross-chain consensus mechanism.

DORA plays a vital role in bridging deterministic blockchains with real-world data, maintaining integrity, relevance, and synthesis crucial for blockchain applications. By focusing on node consensus, termination, agreement, and validity, DORA enhances the reliability of smart contracts, particularly in DeFi, where real-time data accuracy is paramount.

Following Blockchains Integrate DORA Price Feeds

Supra’s DORA oracle price feeds are now integrated into blockchain smart contracts, providing improved security. These feeds are pulled efficiently as required, enhancing flexibility and reducing costs for on-chain activities. This update optimizes smart contract functionality, benefiting developers with secure and cost-effective data feeds.


Beam is more than a gaming blockchain; it’s a community-driven chain and ecosystem where gamers and developers come together to shape the future of the gaming industry. Whether you’re a developer looking to create the next breakthrough game or a player seeking the best blockchain gaming experience, Beam offers a powerful, flexible solution.

Momentarily, Beam operates as an Avalanche subnet. In this role, Beam is not just an independent blockchain but is part of a vibrant, interconnected network. It benefits from the scale, speed, and security features of the Avalanche protocol, while also possessing the ability to operate individually with its specific focus on gaming applications. Learn more about Avalanche Subnets.

DFK Chain

DFK Chain integrates JEWEL as the gas token, simplifying user experience by eliminating the need for external tokens for gas fees. This provides better control over gas prices, ensuring stability and affordability. Additionally, DFK Chain’s exclusive transaction handling for DeFi Kingdoms and collaboration with trusted RPC providers enhance block speed and transaction finality control.

MELD Blockchain

MELD is the world’s first EVM-compatible L1 blockchain with an integrated banking stack. Utilizing DeFi, it maintains high-speed transactions and permanently low fees at scale. MELD offers immediate transaction finality and supports up to 2,200 TPS with gas-less meta-transactions, providing a modern user experience. Developers find it easy to work with, supporting Ethereum, Solidity, C++, and Typescript, fostering smooth dApp development and scalability.

AVAX Network

AVAX Network offers powerful scaling solutions with subnets, allowing customization while maintaining performance. Developers can access a range of tools and resources, including launching Solidity DApps, creating and launching subnets, running validators, and interacting with the Avalanche network via various libraries and APIs.

Innovate and Build the Future with Supra

Supra, a leading Oracle services provider, is advancing blockchain application functionality and security with its user-friendly toolkit with extensive guides and whitepapers. Expanding across various blockchain ecosystems, Supra signals an era of innovative advancements in the industry.

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