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In Case You Missed It: October 17-23 News Roundup

October 23, 2022 - 2 min read

A Weekly Roundup of the Top Crypto Headlines


Here’s a big salute to our Supra fans! o7

There’s surprising news coming from every corner of the crypto space this week. In addition to all the development that’s going on, highly relevant events are unfolding all the time- making it tough to keep up. Here’s a quick roundup to help get you up to speed on this week’s biggest headlines. Aptos launched their mainnet, the Polkadot co-founder is stepping down as CEO, and Mango Market users get paid back. This is in case you missed it for the week of October 17-23:

Aptos NFTs Are Coming—And May Put Network Scalability Claims to the Test [Decrypt]

In addition to launching its mainnet this week, several large NFT marketplaces are expected to give Aptos a chance to showcase some of the claims made about its tech. Both Topaz and Souffl3 marketplaces have major upcoming NFT drops like Bruh Bears and Aptos Monkeys, among others. Can the Aptos network handle the demands of thousands of traders all trying to mint their NFTs at the same time? Time will tell. If you didn’t know, Supra’s alpha testnet is live on Aptos!

Polkadot Co-founder Gavin Wood Offloads CEO Title [Blockworks]

Polkadot co-founder Gavin Wood announced he’s stepping down as CEO of Parity Technologies, to be replaced by Parity co-founder Björn Wagner. Wood said he plans to transition to Parity’s “chief architect” where he can focus on the tech, as well as making Web3 more relevant to the masses. Perhaps the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Mango DAO Readies $42M to ‘Make Users Whole’ [Blockworks]

The wallet behind the draining of roughly $114 million USD from Mango Markets has reportedly returned $67 million in tokens. That still left the group behind the exploit with over $30 million in profits. Those behind the draining of Mango Markets via oracle price manipulation called the sequence of events a “highly profitable trading strategy.” It’s still yet to be seen if legal filings will take place against Mango Markets themselves, despite users having received assets to make them whole.

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