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$SUPRA Airdrop Updates: Countdown to Blast Off

July 18, 2023 - 4 min read


It’s been a long journey since we first announced our airdrop — Countdown to Blast Off — and it’s well underway today. We’ve already been through some really cool missions, including a few that took us through our oracle protocol — DORA (Decentralized Oracle Agreement), and what makes it tick.

It’s always amazing to see all the Cadets, Navigators, Commanders, and all ranks playing, learning, and winning so many crates, token vaults, and giveaways. We’ve already got over 152k players who claimed the 200 $SUPRA for onboarding successfully, and over 30k players have claimed over 3.5M $SUPRA from missions and expeditions.

Going forward, we have a few updates in mind to make our airdrop more exciting for our most loyal tribe of supporters. The intention behind introducing these new changes is to make it easier for all of you, our earliest supporters, to earn $SUPRA tokens. Primarily, we’ll be making changes to the total airdrop participation capacity, the Community Goals, and missions and expedition prize-claiming timelines. The updates also result in making the airdrop much more exclusive for you all, so get ready to unlock even greater rewards with a more tight-knit community!

More exclusive and easier Community Goals

Initially at launch, we built out our platform to support a community of 1 million players and planned to distribute 350M $SUPRA tokens equally to everyone through our Community Goals. This would equally distribute 350 $SUPRA tokens per person to 1 million unique humans across the world. 

However, our long-term business and community strategies have pivoted and we’ll be making our Blast Off airdrop even more exclusive and impactful. We will now allocate 175M $SUPRA tokens to just 500k of our earliest players, still allowing each player to claim 350 $SUPRA tokens via community goals but giving everyone a larger share of the rest of the lucky prizes and rewards!

The new goals and corresponding $SUPRA token rewards unlocked should already be up on the platform too, and you’ll also be able to see your share of the rewards as well. This includes the retroactive unlock of the first milestone of 100k cadets, unlocking and adding 200 $SUPRA to every player’s account (except for beta stage players who were already rewarded earlier). If you haven’t seen this yet, head on over to Blast Off and check it out!


With this strategic shift, we also bring our player capacity from 1 million to 500k players, giving your chances of winning and earning tokens via weekly missions and expeditions a significant boost! This stands true for the grand giveaways too, so embrace this opportunity to secure substantial rewards as a valued member of the Supra community.

In related news, we’ve also put out a detailed $SUPRA Token Utility Overview with a lot more insight on the blockchain infrastructure and solutions our team’s building, as well as how the $SUPRA token comes into play across these solutions.

Easier to claim mission crates and expedition $SUPRA

In a second update, we have also extended the time limits for you to check and claim your $SUPRA rewards for weekly missions and bi-weekly expeditions as well. Now, you have 1 week to check your well-deserved mission crates for rewards and 2 weeks to run your Supra Expedition scans to see if you found any $SUPRA rewards. With these extended reward expirations, you can check back in for rewards more conveniently, at your own pace.

Hearing the community’s feedback, we understand the importance of flexibility in today’s busy world — especially in the hectic world of Web3. With these revised time frames, you can comfortably redeem your prizes without any rush or pressure. This ensures a stress-free experience, allowing you to plan and claim your rewards conveniently.

Easier to earn ranks and join expeditions

The next big change is in our ranking system. This is a big part of Blast Off and it directly affects everyone’s eligibility for expeditions and chances to win any prize draw — missions, expeditions, and giveaways. The higher your rank is, the better your winning chances will be. Well, in order to boost competitiveness among players, we’re making the Astronaut, Navigator, and Explorer ranks easier to earn. We’re also adding a kicker for our Navigators, boosting their prize entries from 32 to 50.


So earlier, you needed 400 Stars to earn the Navigator rank. Now you just need 240 Stars to get there. That means it just takes 6 referrals to be able to join expeditions! Of course, if you already have over 240 Stars and have been working your way to 400, you should already be able to see your shiny Navigator Badge on your dashboard. Similarly, everyone with over 80 Stars has already been upgraded to the Astronaut rank and those with 3,200 Stars have been upgraded to the Explorer rank.

Onward and Upward

These new updates to our airdrop all go towards building a more exciting and exclusive experience for all of you. With a reduced player cap, a larger share of rewards, and easier to earn ranks — you have an even greater chance of earning substantial $SUPRA tokens. Additionally, the extended time limits for claiming rewards add convenience and flexibility to your Blast Off experience. Thank you for being part of our Supra community as we continue to reach new heights together. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates!


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