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The Top 15 NFT Newsletters of 2023

May 24, 2023 - 10 min read

The Top NFT Newsletters of 2023 Include Overpriced JPEGs, Metaversal, and Forefront Newsletter

It’s no question that NFTs are here to stay, and with total 2022 NFT sales reaching almost $25 billion, and growing quickly, there are tons of opportunities in the space for both creators and investors. However, even for hardcore NFT enthusiasts looking to build a serious NFT collection, it can be challenging to keep up with new collections, new airdrops, new token standards, and other events and innovations in the NFT space. 

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best NFT newsletters that you can use to get the latest NFT industry news, learn about the latest NFT drops, and NFT market trends, and, overall, help guide your NFT journey in the right direction.  

1. Overpriced JPEGs

Overpriced JPEGs with Carly Reilly is one of the most popular NFT newsletters in the industry, with over 135,000 monthly subscribers as of Q2 2023. Overpriced JPEGs is published by the crypto media project Bankless, which has its own extremely popular newsletter and podcast. 

The newsletter, which is generally published three times a week, includes interviews with NFT experts and others in the crypto space, as well as information about the latest NFT partnerships, including corporations and celebrities that have embraced NFTs. For this reason, Overpriced JPEGs can be a great option for both experienced NFT investors and beginners who want to make their NFT journey easier and stay informed about market updates and the latest trends. It also includes AMAs with NFT creators, such as artists and developers. In addition, Overpriced JPEGs is also a YouTube channel that hosts many of the interviews and AMAs featured in the newsletter.

Overpriced JPEGs also has a paid newsletter option, which provides users with in-depth NFT market analysis, NFT rankings through Carly’s proprietary NFT Power Index, and detailed advice for Web2 brands looking to successfully break into the NFT space. 

2. Metaversal

Like Overpriced JPEGs, William M. Peaster’s Metaversal newsletter is another popular NFT newsletter also part of the Bankless publishing network,. However, unlike Overpriced JPEGs, which 100% focuses on NFTs, Metaversal takes a broader look at all the latest news related to the crypto, NFT, and metaverse markets. 

Items discussed include NFT and blockchain domains, new token standards, and the rise (and fall) of various L1s and L2s (and their native NFTs). The newsletter also features in-depth, step-by-step guides on how to do various crypto, DeFi, and NFT activities– so you can get your hands dirty without having to figure out everything on your own. 

3. Forefront Newsletter 

Forefront calls itself “the leading content and insights aggregator on social tokens, tokenized communities and Web3 Social.” Unlike Metaversal and Overpriced JPEGs, their weekly NFT news and analysis newsletter that features original pieces by more than 25 NFT and crypto-focused writers. Their articles discuss variety of issues, including decentralization and DAO governance for NFT projects, crypto and NFT regulation, and economic models for crypto, blockchain, and NFTs. 

Somewhat like the membership models used by other newsletters, Forefront has transitioned into a DAO, and does have some gated content specifically intended for token-holders only. 

4. is one of the industry’s most trusted references for NFT Market data and analysis, with a focus on helping professionals navigate the Ethereum NFT market. Their newsletter provides information on “market trends, industry announcements and major milestones, [and] analysis to understand the changes in the ecosystem.” Each of their newsletters begins with an editorial written by’s team of NFT experts, who offer an overview of the past week, as well as an original weekly article on developments in gaming NFTs. They also provide analytics information, including weekly NFT transaction volume, active addresses, and the amount of all transfers in USD. 

5. Rarible 

Rarible is one of the industry’s largest NFT marketplaces, supporting NFTs on a wide variety of blockchains, including Ethereum, Flow, ImmutableX, Polygon, Solana, Tezos. So, it’s no wonder that they have their own newsletter. The Rarible Newsletter is on Substack, and, yes, it does feature a lot of content that’s specific to Rarible. However, considering that Rarible is such a prominent NFT marketplace, a lot of information in the Rarible newsletter is actually important NFT news in its own right. 

6. Rug Radio

Rug Radio calls itself “the first fully decentralized media platform” and operates as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) owned by the platform’s members and hosts. Governed by the $RUG token, Rug Radio aims to create a media project where “the incentives favor truth, ownership, and long-term care for the commons.” As a part of its mission, Rug Radio issues a weekly Web3 newsletter, which has a strong emphasis on NFTs. Their newsletter, however, doesn’t just focus on the biggest projects out there; it also has a strong emphasis on analyzing niche NFT artists and digital art trends, as well as looking at the increasing connectivity between NFTs, fine art, and pop culture. 


THE DROP describes itself as “the #1 daily NFT newsletter” and, according to the project’s website, has over 24,000 subscribers. Unlike some newsletters, which focus on longer-term trends, THE DROP focuses more on the latest NFT news– plus, it’s one of the only daily (not weekly) newsletters on this list. In addition to breaking news, the newsletter features in-depth artist spotlights, project breakdowns, NFT market analysis, blockchain technology updates, and other NFT alpha. Readers can also expect news about NFT marketplaces, branded and celebrity NFTs, and blockchain gaming/GameFi NFTs. For those interested in broader industry news, The Drop Media (the company behind THE DROP) also recently started a second newsletter Crypto Scroll, which focuses on “all things crypto, Web3, VC, and more.”

8. NFT Lately 

NFT Lately is a quickly growing NFT news and analysis site, and, somewhat like THE DROP, they claim to have “the #1 NFT newsletter” on the internet. Their newsletter, which goes out twice a week, features a wide array of industry news and updates, with a slight emphasis on more technical (but still consumer) content, including information about new NFT standards, dynamic NFTs, and the like. Of course, you can still expect to see information about the latest NFT news, collections, artists, and partnerships. If you want more than just the newsletter, you can also easily browse the NFT Lately website for its large archive of NFT news, project reviews, and industry updates. 

9. To The Moon by NFT Evening 

NFT Evening is another prominent and fast-growing NFT news website. They cover all types of news, including breaking NFT news and long-term coverage and industry analysis. Their “To The Moon” newsletter is a daily, “5-minute” NFT update, and, with over 30,000 subscribers, it’s certainly one of the more popular NFT newsletters out there today. To The Moon covers a variety of aspects of NFTs, including new collections, Twitter NFT trends, government regulation, gaming NFTs, and general metaverse news. The newsletter also discusses Web3 social media networks, memes and trading trends, hacks and scams, and other items of interest to NFT fans and enthusiasts. 

10. Zima Red

Zima Red is a weekly newsletter that covers the metaverse, NFTs, Web3, AR, VR, and AI, and “explores how the metaverse will impact all of us.” The newsletter, which is currently hosted directly on Substack, has over 7,000 subscribers. Zima Red was founded by Andrew Steinwold, who is also currently a Managing Partner at Sfermion, an NFT investment firm. Zima Red discusses a variety of topics including the ethics and politics of NFTs and the metaverse, macroeconomic trends that may impact the metaverse. The newsletter focuses less on breaking news (though it does cover that), and more on articles that feature long-term analysis, opinions, and future predictions, giving it a journalistic feel that many other newsletters lack. 

11. ZenCaps

ZenCaps decribers itself as “Your Weekly NFT Recap to Cut Through the Noise,” and currently has over 7,000 subscribers. Like Zima Red and some other newsletters on this list, ZenCaps is hosted directly on Susbtack. Each week’s newsletters comes with specific stories, as well as a curated NFT news section, which provides viewers with links to selected NFT-focused news stories from a variety of publications across the internet.

In addition, they also have a curated Web3 and AI news section for those interested in broader industry news, DAOs, government regulation, and other relevant topics. Finally, their product news section provides links to interesting project updates, including brand new projects, new mints from existing projects, and borrowing, lending, and staking opportunities. 

12. Milk Road 

Milk Road is a crypto news website and newsletter with over 250,000 subscribers, making it one of the most popular crypto newsletters out there today. While it doesn’t specifically focus on NFTs, it does provide a wide range of NFT coverage, particularly in terms of breaking news and major industry updates. In addition to general NFT and crypto news, Milk Road also provides a real-time NFT price tracker for the world’s top 250 collections, which may be of interest to some viewers. 

13. ZenDaily 

ZenDaily is a niche daily NFT newsletter that provides readers “the most important news of the day, including notable market moves, trending collections, daily volumes, and more.” Their newsletter delivers on its promise, and could be an ideal read for NFT traders and enthusiasts who want more analytical and statistical data rather than just stories. In addition to the ZenDaily newsletter, ZenDaily also has a podcast available on Apple Podcasts. 

14. The Loop News by Loopify

The Loop News is a unique NFT-focused newsletter that offers NFT news and market analysis. Somewhat like ZenDaily, The Loop News is offers more of a journalistic, individualistic, and philosophical  take on NFTs, digital art, and NFT culture rather than just straight news. The newsletter, published by the anonymous writer “Loopify,” focuses on a variety of unique topics, such as the psychology of attention, the economics of GameFi, and the importance of NFT royalties, just to name a few. 

15. The HUG

The HUG is an integrated community of NFT artists and collectors working together to curate great work and help new creators get discovered. Their weekly creator-focused newsletter, Creator Royalties, “offers easy-to-understand Web3 education, news, opportunities, [and] art drops.” This focus on creators, rather than just investors, makes Creator Royalties significantly different from most other NFT newsletters, and includes everything from how to write the perfect artist bio to how to build a close-knit network of loyal collectors. Even for investors who have no intention of creating their own NFTs, Creator Royalites can provide a fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at how artists really create NFT collections. 


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